Vintage Singer Spartan

I recently acquired this awesome machine whose birthday as best I can tell is 1960.

Isn't it pretty? I had a Brother machine before, one which my mom bought me for $30 10 years ago. I don't sew all that frequently, but I am both short and also sometimes like to get creative. Short meaning I hem a lot of things, it's the rare pair of pants that I don't have to alter.

I took my Brother to a repair man, who I paid $20 to retime it, but that didn't end up fixing the problem. He then sold me a piece of garbage which jammed up nearly every time I tried to use it. He then said it was only for sewing two thin peices of material together, much more and I was going to need an industrial machine which would cost me hundreds of dollars. My Brother had handled such things with ease in the past, so I knew he was sadly misinformed. Or lying. Either which way, the very next day I went and tested my Spartan, and it breezed through my beco hood project that man's machine had failed to sew. I made the purchase for $49 dollars and returned the hunk of junk. The Spartan sews wonderfully so far, and over just about any material and thickness. All while looking pretty.


  1. It is pretty and sturdy, too. Obviously a good buy!

  2. yep, I'm thinking ksl is the way to go once we live in a place that's big enough to house a sewing machine. Poor sewing machine guy...he certainly won't be getting my business.


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