Thanksgiving Weekend

Munchies started feeling almost totally normal again not long after I wrote the last post.We still decided not to go to Tim's family's Thanksgiving, because we both had the stomach bug for one thing, but I wasn't sure if Munchies immunity would still be down too and being in a big group with her didn't seem wise. I've had enough worrying about her being sick for a bit, and don't mind keeping her in a bubble until she's been well for a week anyway.  Instead, we spent the day sitting around watching some fracking Battlestar Galactica, which we've been into lately. It was an extremely lazy day, topped off with Mac n' cheese for dinner.

Friday my parents came over. We were supposed to go over to their house, but they made the trip instead since there has been all of this business with Munchies being sick. My mom brought a turkey and the fixins for a Thanksgiving meal. The day was punctuated with my dad's random jokes* and good conversation. We took a walk in the gully. Munchies slept for 45 minutes while walking in the gully, then proceeded to not to go bed until midnight and sleep only 7.5 hours that night. Since my parents were here we got to have them watch her in the morning and take a luxurious nap. Her schedule is still wacky, but it's been slightly better since.

Saturday we just talked and hung out. Had french toast. Played with Munchies. I stole this picture from my mom's camera.

She finally took a regular nap Saturday, just one two hour nap though. It seems like she's giving up her morning nap already. I then just kept her up to see when she'd crash on her own instead of trying to get her to sleep unsuccessfully multiple times like the previous night. I put her in her bouncer as usual while I took a shower and just one or two minutes into it I peeked out to see this.

She's not one to fall asleep easily and when she's in the middle of doing anything. This is the first time she's ever actually crashed while playing. It backfired a little though because this 10 minute nap gave her the energy to stay up for another couple of hours. I do hope at some point she needs more sleep than me again.

* An older couple upon revealing that they had hallway sex a couple of times every day were questioned as to what exactly that was. You know, hallway sex. You pass each other in the hall and you go, "Frak you! No, frack you!" (That's not really exactly how the joke went, but I wanted to get in some more Battlestar Galactica swearing. See how nicely that works?)


  1. Seems you were right when you mentioned earlier that this lack of sleeping might be due to her just being so excited to have enough energy to do stuff again. Crashing in the bouncer 2 minutes into playing is definitely a sign of exhaustion. That's so crazy how a 10 min nap was enough to keep her going for hours though. I guess she just figures she's got to get a lot of playtime in to make up for all those days of constant sleep. Hopefully she'll stop resisting sleep before you guys end up super zombified.

  2. Oops, sorry to hear she got up for another 2 hours after her little nap. She looks so innocent and adorable when she's asleep. (Of course she always looks innocent and adorable, but I'm sure that's harder to appreciate when she won't stay asleep!)


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