Terrifying Halloween Cat

We went jogging and ran across this cat on the path. It was the bravest/dumbest/most rabid cat I've ever seen.

Tim got this video, but what he didn't get on video was what happened when we jogged past the cat on the way back. When the dogs and I got about 20 feet from the cat it charged us. I shrieked in terror and dropped the leashes. The cat hopped stiff legged toward Howard at top speed, then attacked him. Howard wasn't sure what to do.

I have to wonder, was it rabid? I can't imagine a sane cat would attack Howard when it had plenty of space to run away. Howard wasn't bitten or scratched (shockingly) as far as I can tell. But, me being me, I still can't help but wonder if he contracted rabies. At least he's vaccinated.


  1. That cat has got a serious case of awesome. I'm sure that's just what lord tugboat was like in his younger days.

  2. That's a pretty scary cat. Don't know what he was thinking to attack Howard. But then, maybe he knew Howard is a wuss.


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