Recovering Munchies

Friday morning Munchies spiked a fever. It got up to 103 with no other symptoms and so  my dad was worried about a UTI by the time Friday night rolled around. We took to to the ER to rule that out. Saturday she started up with throwing up and had diarrhea. She didn't seem to feel too awful yet, she was sleeping almost all day, but had a little time when she would perk up and try to play with toys at half speed.

Sunday she slept all day with no perking up and couldn't keep anything down. When I tried to wake her up she fell back to sleep sitting up. She didn't show interest about anything. She wasn't making tears or peeing either. Off to the ER we went again. They gave her an IV Sunday night, and said she should perk up some after a couple of hours. She didn't. She was put in the Rapid Treatment Unit, which is inbetween being in the ER and being admitted. We stayed the night* and in the morning after being on the IV for over 12 hours she still wasn't responding to anything and was falling asleep having her blood drawn. I couldn't get her to even look my way calling her name. She was sleeping so heavily she barely stirred when she had her vital signs taken. I can't remember ever being more scared in my life. Finally, that afternoon she woke up for a half hour. Her eyes were drooping and she looked completely wiped out, but she sat on her own for 20 minutes or so and showed interest in looking at toys and at us again. After that I was able to get her to nurse some and she kept it down. They sent us home Monday night. She seemed to love getting out of the hospital as much as we did. She woke up and was interested in looking around as we took her to the car, and when we got home she screamed in delight and chanted "Da" at the dogs when they licked her.

Tuesday she was peeing and nursing but she slept almost all day and had only woken up for 10 minutes total by 3:00 so I took her in to see her Pediatrician. She woke up enough to scream almost the whole time, she was aware that strangers near her meant bad stuff happening. The ped just said it was wise to keep close tabs on her, but to watch her until morning at home and then re-evaluate. Around 7 she woke up for a whole hour. She even wanted to stand up holding the edge of the coffee table and waved and Grandma and Grandpa on Skype.

This morning she was up for a half hour or so already, which beats yesterday, but she's still exhausted. She's nursing a lot longer and better now though and she even tried to crawl a little, so it seems she's on the mend. I hope I get to see her happier and awake more today.


  1. I'm glad that she seems to clearly be on the guys have had more than your fair share of trauma the last few days.

  2. Poor little pumpkin. I hope she recovers soon and is back to her energetic little self.

  3. It's so hard to watch a baby suffer through an illness and not be able to do anything to help. I'm so relieved she's back to her usual sweet self now.


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