Reading to Herself

I got a big fence area to put Munchies in while I work. I find that it's so much easier to focus and get things done if she's in this play area. When I have her in the same room as me with no play yard she comes over and starts trying to stick her fingers into all of the computer ports and play on the keyboard, not very effective for work. Her playpen is too small for her to crawl. So, this play yard is working great. At first she didn't like it for more than 10 minutes at a time, but she quickly figured out how to enjoy independent play time. I probably coddled her a little too much before anyway, it seems healthy for her to play on her own for a couple of hours each day. Since she started playing in the dog run* as I call it, she's gotten a lot better at balancing while standing. She spends a lot of time pulling herself up on the sides and walking the parameter. Now when she's in other areas of the house I notice she's getting a lot stronger and can even hold herself standing with one hand now.

I saw her reading her book to herself today. I'm a huge reader, so this was just absolutely adorable to me. Plus you can see her new dog run.

* It confuses me that some people seem to be vehement about this product as well as playpens and also child harness leash things. Seemed simple to me though, kid sticking fingers into computer ports/pounding away on keys while mama works=not ideal. Kid playing happily while mama actually gets something done=better.


  1. crap I'll have to check out the video later...for some reason it's not loading. If I have enough space, you can bet I'll be investing in one of those dog runs eventually as well.

  2. I still couldn't get it to open here, but I watched it on Utube. Very cute. She loves her book. The play yard looks sturdy and durable. It's good for her to learn how to play on her own.

  3. I had a blow up swimming pool I used with my daughter when she was little...(she's almost 22 now) she could play safely without getting hurt...and I could get work done...she didn't like the play pen too much like Jail....


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