Munchies has started saying mmmmmmm when she eats something she likes. It's funny to watch her taste preferences. Applesauce rarely gets an "Mmmmmm", but Cheerios and anything else sweet does. She does it without fail every time she eats something she thinks is delicious. Last night when Tim was in the bedroom with her I knew he was giving her something yummy because from the living room I kept hearing "MMmmmmMMMM!!!!" over and over again. He was giving her teeny bits of candy as it turned out.


  1. yup, cake wins every time. In fact, I think it was your mere mention of cake earlier that prompted me to purchase 2 different cakes from the bakery a bit ago. They were both much better than applesauce so munchies is really onto something there.

  2. Munchies knows what is good. I'm sure she has a very large yummy spot, just like her mom!

  3. taste is cake dear... exactly. Brilliantly stated.


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