2 Ply Sews a Baby Carrying Hood

I recently sewed a hood for my Beco baby carrier. When I put Munchies in about 12 layers to keep her warm in this frigid Utah tundra she sits up too tall for the back of the carrier to give her any head support so when she nods off her head ends up lolling around. Tooter Squats has an Ergo baby carrier with a hood, although that hood covers the baby's field of vision entirely so it's only for sleeping, like so:

I sort of copied the design, except for mine allows her to see when the hood is on. I also sewed on a little pouch like this Ergo has, because the Beco doesn't have one.

In my before picture she's just wearing one layer, I should have dressed her in her huge thick suit that reminds of of the kid from The Christmas Story, like this:

But, I did not. So, you'll just have to imagine if she was sitting up about 2 inches higher.

After, notice how she's already falling asleep because she likes the hood so well, this picture was taken only about one minute after the first picture. Something about how the hood snugs her head in she likes:

It's a pretty sweet system, On the top I sewed on adjustable straps so I can loosen it up more and more as she grows taller, or if she's wearing layers and strap it down snug still if she's not. It also serves as sun protection. It's not all that beautiful, but I'm happy with it.


  1. It looks practical and comfy for the baby. That's better than stylin', but it looks pretty stylin', too!

  2. wow you did a great job....she looks so comfy...

  3. yep, pretty brilliant. I can't imagine how it could be more perfect for munchies.

  4. She does seem to like it. Thanks. Deb, I cheated a little because I used a bottom sheet so the elastic edges were already done for me. :)

    Tooter, if you get a Beco and pick out a bottom sheet I can get you a hood whipped up too.


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