11 Months

Her sleeping problems have been getting better. For almost a month she was been back to sleeping 10-12 hours per night nearly every night. The past week she's been waking up once a night again, so I can't say the sleeping issues are resolved yet, but getting close.
But, her MSPI has resolved completely!! That one deserves two exclamation points I think. Not only can I eat as much dairy as I want now, but so can she. This has been an exciting month. She has also gotten more into eating solid food, she'll eat a medium sized jar of baby food in one day now, when always before she would refuse to eat more than a couple of spoonfuls at a time.

If I put her in an area with lots of toys she'll play by herself for up to an hour without any complaint. She understands how to tilt up her sippy cup to drink out of it on her own. She waves and claps. She holds her hand out towards things she wants, sometimes pointing. She does this a lot, it seems she wants pretty much everything. She has 5 teeth. She is finally crawling up on her knees and fast. She pulls herself up to standing at every opportunity, and stays entertained just by the fact that she's standing for a half hour or so. It's very novel. She also walks along things when standing. In her crib she likes to walk over to the light switch and switch it on and off. She'll do it without complaint for quite some time.

She expresses excitement by screaming loudly. She does this when she seems someone she loves and also when she sees a book. She makes much more varied sounds when she babbles. She's much more into imitating sounds now and will reliably try to copy certain sounds like mamamama, dadada, raspberries, and funniest of all, loud grunting noises like you'd expect to hear a trucker making while pooping. I swear she is trying to say dog, Tim thinks I'm imagining things, but we'll just see about that, won't we? I wouldn't be surprised at all if that were her first word, the animals usually elicit the loudest shrieks of all from her.

She got a spring horse from Grandma. She loves it. If she's not sitting on it she often crawls over and stands up next to him to look at his face. She just learned how to rock on him some and figured out how to make him talk and sing, which requires grabbing his ears.


  1. her rocking and bouncing to the horse music is pretty dang cute. baby man loved both of the videos too.

  2. What a cool horse toy! It won't be long before she is out on the trail with Daisy.

  3. She's a sucker for videos too, especially videos of babies. I'm glad Baby Man liked her video, pretty soon he'll be old enough to ride pony friend too.

    I know MM, Grandma did well picking that toy!


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