Vacation to visit my grandparents - Day 6 and 7

First thing after we woke up Tim and my dad headed to my grandpa's house to put in a new floor. It was going to take "3-4 hours". Everyone knows home improvement never runs on schedule.

My mom and I dawdled getting ready and headed down to the pool for a little bit. Around noon we arrived at my grandpa's house to find this.

There were some problems, which I won't get into, but basically things underneath the old floor were not as expected. My mom jumped in to help. I helped only a tiny bit when Munchies was napping or else occupied in her playpen. There were a lot of very strong fumes at one point when the new subfloor was being installed, so Munchies and I were banished for a couple of hours to the other side of the house.

It did give me a chance to go out to lunch with my grandpa and spend lots of time out on his fabulous front porch.

Around 11 PM the floor looked like this. A huge improvement. Tim and I had both started to come down with Munchie's cold and we were ready for bed.

The next morning, only slightly tired we headed back to Dallas. I kept falling asleep on the 3 hour drive so I was feeling pretty good by the time we arrived. We had two layovers to get home. Munchies was her usual charismatic self on the plane. On the flight home there was a man across the aisle from us who looked just like Vin Diesel, except hotter. Much hotter. I was forced to confide in Tim that this man was in possession of the sexiest man lips ever seen. You just can't hold back information like that. Tim always points out chicks who have fantastic boobs ect. to me, this was my chance to reciprocate. Except, somehow, a woman checking out another woman is more natural. But, the point is, he had to admit that it was true.

Then we drove home and went to bed.

The end.


  1. Somehow, your photo of the old floor doesn't really capture how bad it was...
    But the new one was a huge improvement, I agree.

  2. Wow, the new floor looks sweet. Nice work Tim and Steve. I enjoyed reading all about your trip.. You should have gotten a photo of the dude with the greatest man lips ever. Could've been great blog material.

  3. Mama, I agree. I don't know why the picture didn't seem to capture it. Oh, well.

    And Eric, I am kicking myself now. He was sleeping much of the flight, I totally could have snapped a picture! What a fool I am.

  4. Why didn't you get a pic of the guy on the plane?

  5. Sammy, I'm a fool! It's the only excuse I have. *Sigh*


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