Vacation to see my grandparents - Days 3 and 4

The next day we spent the day hanging out with my grandma and mom. We saw a bit more of the nursing home during the time when my grandma was resting. One man there was pretty funny. He mooed at me when I walked by once, and said hi another time. Turns out he goes by "the colonel" and he flirts shamelessly with all the ladies. I'm still not sure what the mooing was all about, perhaps he wanted to send a subtle message to me about my shape. Munchies was a huge hit at the home. It's mostly women, and they all loved seeing her. My aunt and uncle came to hang out for a bit near the end of the day. We had to drive back to Panama City that night, but stayed as long as we could before making the drive back.
On the drive back we drove right into the sunset. It set directly at the end of the road we were on, making it look like we were driving into a supernatural tunnel.

That night I had trouble getting to sleep for some unknown reason. Around 2 I finally fell asleep only to wake up at 4 to the sound of Munchie's snotty breathing. She had started to get a runny nose the night before, and when the sound of it woke me up I felt her and she felt hot to me. I got worried and Tim went out to get a thermometer and some ibuprofen, which I gave her after finding her temperature to be at least a degree high. We agonized over whether to go on to Louisiana to visit my grandpa and uncles. I didn't want to get my grandpa sick, and I didn't know if Munchies might get a lot worse fast. Her temperature an hour after the ibuprofin still hadn't come back down, which was worrying me. We bought tickets to come home that day, but en route to the airport decided we should keep on with the original plans. Munchie's fever had come down totally to normal and she didn't seem to be getting progressively worse. We were able to get our money refunded from Delta since we'd just purchased the tickets hours ago.

We did a U turn and headed to the beach, which was the original plan for the morning before all of the sickness threw things off. It was further away than we thought. We went to St. Andrews state park, and arrived in time to have 40 minutes to spend there before we needed to be driving away. We alternated who was holding Munchies on the beach, since we didn't want her getting wet in her sick state. The water was like a soothing bath. The beach pure white, the water crystal clear. It was perfect. Except for the 40 minutes part. I'm really glad we went, but it's definitely a place where I'd like a little more time.

Here's Munchies Kins looking snotty, and unhappy about the beach experience.

P.S. Where'd my waist go? I'm finally back to nearly 5 pounds below my pre pregnancy weight, yet, my waist is still very visibly larger than pre pregnancy. End tangent.

Then, we were driving back to the airport for our originally scheduled flight to Dallas. There was a layover of course. When we got to Dallas we had to rent a car to drive three hours to my grandpa's house in Louisiana. We stayed in a rather ghetto La Quinta with sheets like sandpaper. I slept amazingly well all the same, I guess having had 2 hours of sleep the previous night will do that.


  1. That's a beautiful sunset, and the beach is very pretty. Too bad Munchies wasn't a happy beachgoer.

  2. It sounds like a trip with a baby and a body post-baby, welcome to motherhood!

  3. The sunset indeed looks supernatural...
    The waters are very clean.. Have a nice day:)

  4. Excellent blog, beautiful pictures and a cute, cute, sweetie baby! I now follow your blog. Kind regards, Philip Travelling

  5. Love the sunset picture and that monokini looks super cute. I'm starting to think that abdomens just never quite make it back post baby. I was idly fiddling with the skin on my stomach yesterday and noticed that when I pinched my skin I could feel what seemed to be loose connective tissue and I could even roll it around all out of place. it was pretty cool. but I suppose from a vanity standpoint it might be disturbing.


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