Vacation to see my grandparents - Days 1 and 2

A trip to see my grandparents was desperately needed, it had been years since I'd seen either of them. We decided to get our flights through Southwest because they're refundable that way, and Tim never knows exactly what his work will be like. In hindsight, we agree we will be paying a change fee if it happens he can't make it, and buying direct flights instead of traveling a million years on each leg of our journey.

The journey began on a Saturday afternoon. We dropped the dogs off to be boarded and headed to the airport. The flight departed at 1:30, and did not arrive in Panama City until 9:15 (8:15 Utah time). There was one plane change, and one stop where we stayed on the same plane. Munchies did well on all of the flights, but it was hectic and claustrophobic since one of us needed to be holding her at all times and her range of motion extended halfway into the other person's space. She won hearts left and right on all of the flights. She peeked through the space between seats, grinning at the person seated behind her. She leaned her head and body to peer around Tim to the person across the isle. She shrieked with joy several times for various reasons. I could be assured that when I saw her peering intently in one direction and smiling that the person who was her target would be either waving or grinning back. This applied to grizzled badass looking men too. Having a baby definitely gives you a different look at what the people around you are like.

Here she is napping.

After arriving in Panama City we got to our hotel and crashed. The next morning we started our 2 hour drive in our rental car to Tallahassee. Southwest doesn't fly to Tallahassee. You can see now how brilliant my travel arrangements were.

When we got to Tallahassee, we met up with my grandma, two of my aunts, two uncles, and my mom. We all went out to eat. It was really fun to see everyone together. My aunt played pat a cake with Munchies, which I didn't know exactly how to play before. Munchies was enchanted by the game, my aunt, and my aunt's necklaces. After that my aunts and uncles had to leave fairly shortly. We hung out with my grandma and mom for the rest of the night. It was adorable to watch my grandma with Munchies. She loved just looking at her, listening to her make noises, and having Munchies hold onto her fingers. I'm so glad that Munchies and Tim got to meet my grandma.


  1. Direct flights would be a better plan, but it was definitely a joy to your grandma to see you and Munchies.

  2. I'm glad someone taught that girl how to play Pat-a-Cake. After I saw the clapping video, I was wondering why she wasn't playing--now I know, she needed a Grandma to play.

  3. yes, the rules of pat a cake elude me as well so you aren't alone there. That picture of her sleeping on your lap is so cute. not surprising that so many people fell for munchies' charms, she can be pretty irresistible.


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