Vacation to see my grandparents - Day 5

Munchies was feeling better the next morning. Her fever was gone and she was just left with a stuffy nose. I'm glad I packed the booger sucker, I'll tell you that. It got a lot of use on this trip. We hopped in the car and drove 3 hours to my grandpa's. The drive looked like this.

I have a lot of memories of my grandparents house. It's still got the same smell it's always had, like pages in an old book. It wasn't the same knowing my grandma wouldn't be inside to offer warm hugs and her infectious laugh. She passed away last fall. She led a life to envy. Long and full with plenty of kids and a 63 year marriage.

We arrived more fashionably than last time we visited. Last time everyone was standing around in the front yard, my brothers, my sister in law, 3 uncles, my aunt, and both of my parents. Tim pulled up to the curb and promptly rubbed the front tire along a strange sharp place in the curb which caused the tire to pop loudly, attracting the attention of all. Tim and I weren't even married yet, just engaged, and he still feels sheepish about the incident. It was actually a good bonding experience though, with everyone springing into action to get a new tire and get it on the car. As I was saying, this time we were more cool. We strolled into the kitchen to make our entrance. My parents were both already there along with two of my uncles and my grandpa.

It was fun to introduce Munchies to everyone. She especially loved listening to my grandpa play harmonica, she was mesmerized.

 I wasn't sure he would be quite as into her as my grandma has been, since men aren't usually quite the suckers for babies that women are. I was wrong. He never tired of interacting with her. It was adorable.

That night my uncle had his friend come by with her guitar to play some songs. She is a music teacher. She and Tim played guitar and everyone sang along. She knew a lot of great songs that we all knew too. Munchies loved listening to the music. I haven't been around babies other than her a whole lot, but she seems to enjoy music quite a lot. Her leg starts jerking in time to the beat often when there's a catchy song on. She's fairly accurate about keeping on the beat too, it's pretty funny.

That day my dad and Tim decided that they must replace the floor in the kitchen. They got all the materials so as to be ready for an early start.


  1. Munchies does look fascinated by the harmonica. She's trying hard to figure out how to make that music.

  2. My dad has always liked babies, according to my mother Martha. One time when we were visiting at Steve and Mary Jane's house on Delaware St., my dad picked up Seth out of the crib where he had been crying and held and talked to him in an effort to soothe him. I asked my mother if he ever did that with us and she said yes, he had always been good about holding and soothing us kids as babies. A sweet thing to hear.


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