Oct 10, 2010


I wish I could say this pose was my idea, but alas it was my brother Eric who did it first. Although, who's to say, maybe he stole it from somewhere too?


  1. To repeat my reaction to Eric's pose, I can only say... EWWW.

  2. You must have a lot of fiber in your diet.

  3. Tess, I am glad to see your sense of humor has been so well formed :) Anita and I were at the symphony today, and it occurred to me that it would be pretty damned funny if, during one of those poignant moments of quiet when a beautiful piano note is hanging in the air, somebody let a big fart go. I might be the only one to laugh.

  4. oh my, how embarrassing for you to get caught on film like this. doubly so since you clearly forgot an important step in the process which always (in my shamefully vast experience) results in detrimental effects to one's pants.

  5. Elizabeth, yep, it can be embarrassing sometimes. You can imagine the gas that would accompany poops of this size. Overall though, I recommend it.

    Eric, lol, that would be awesome. I love the way you paint the picture of the scene. Artsy of you.

    Laura, actually, I just had to photoshop my pants on because I felt like it was a little too racy to post the picture as it really was. Sorry, but it looks like you're the only one of the two of us who poops WITH her pants on. Hoo boy, and revealed in public! I won't blame you if you rush to delete your comment...


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