Mule Hollow

Laura and I started this hike a couple of months ago, but we haven't ventured back since. I figured since it's a pretty steep one, maybe it would be best to just do it with Tim and have him carry Munchies. It's 1300 feet in 1.2 miles, which really is quite a steep climb.

We had fun. It was one of those hikes where the conversation is flowing and fun the whole time. Hiking often is that way I think. At home there are lots of distractions, but on a hike you can talk with nothing else going on. Plus, you have a clear head and an active mind because your blood is pumping. We talked about how ridiculous it is to think you're a more moral person than someone else because they happen to be gay (lots of talk about this subject on Facebook right now because of the speech on the matter during the lds conference). This got us on a religious and then political train of thought and we had lots to discuss from there.

The hike is cool because Mule Hollow is it's own tiny side canyon off of Big Cottonwood canyon. The walls are close on each side and it feels very closed in. When you get to the top there are views of mountains from all sides.

There's also some old mining equipment and tracks.

Munchies' hands were cold even extremely bundled up so I just kept layering on more clothes until she looked like the kid from A Christmas Story. Finally she warmed up.

 Later we went to REI and got her this warm outfit. It's got feet and hand covers that flip over. It's going to be much nicer to be able to put her in this instead of having to layer so many thinner clothes to get her warm. We also got her a very warm hat and gloves.

 Here's a video from the top. Note my agile spear throw.

Now, if you find yourself in a video type of mood, here's a 19 second video of Munchies modeling her new winter suit.


  1. hey so how close did we end up getting? Like 2/3? that video of you throwing the spear is quite riveting. and terrifying. and zoey's outfit makes her look like a little green pumpkin. so cute.

  2. what a lucky girl to get to see so much beauty at a young age....

  3. 2/3 seems about right. It got really steep past where we went, I'm not sure we would have felt safe.

    Thanks Deb, she does seem to enjoy her hikes. :)

  4. You wrote were instead of where on your second paragraph "We had fun. It was one of those hikes were the conversation is flowing and fun the whole time."
    The view is really pretty from up there. Gosh I wish I had that little outfit on, I am freezing right now, do they come in Adults double XL? :)

  5. Oh that anonymous comment was Anna by the way. I always forget to put my name on them. :)

  6. Anna, very observant of you! I'll fix it. Baby outfits are awesome. I can only dream they make that one in adult sizes. :)

  7. Must be all the writing I am having to do for school and all the feedback I've been having to give my peers. Golly school might just be doing what it's supposed to. ha ha ha :) I get to correct three of my papers now. Believe it or not I am actually enjoying writing a lot, even though it takes so much time to do, and you know how limited my time is.

  8. I love her little red nose, but it's good you got her some warmer hiking clothes. Munchies just gets cuter all the time!

  9. Poor Munchies looks cold (but happy) on the hike. That new REI outfit is perfect. She's all set for cross country skiing.


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