Date at Fats bar and grill

Tim and I went to Fats Bar and Grill to play pool for a date. It's my favorite place to go out. It holds a lot of memories for us. I found it before we started dating, probably with Kristina, but Tim and I started going all the time when we got together. For my birthday the first year we were dating, Tim arranged for us to have the basement of Fats to ourselves for the night. He knew me well already. We kept going often until we moved further away. Now having Munchies it's really exciting to get a night at Fats. It was a blast as usual. We're a great match at pool, I don't think either of us is better. I dominated this time, which is always cool.

I've tried other pool halls, but Fats is in a whole different league. To be fair, I made this decision while you could still smoke inside public places in SLC. Fats was the only pool hall with no smoking allowed that had enough tables that you could actually get one, and enough action that you feel like you're out. The other pool halls might be better now that they don't stink, but it's too late, Fats has already wooed me. I love the food there too, so delicious. For awhile we were sad because it looked like Fats wasn't doing great, but they recently got a liquor license so they can sell more than just beer and it seems to have really helped.


  1. I'm glad you had a fun night out.

  2. sounds like some good times. if you end up getting restless to get out again, ryan/my mom and I could watch little munchies sometime while you guys go out. I know we were gonna do that a while back..not sure what happened. I probably dropped the ball somewhere along the line.


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