Tim took the day off work for my birthday and we went hiking up the Mt. Aire trail. We only went to the saddle, where there were some nice views. We missed most of the leaves changing up there, next time I do that hike I'll have to go a few weeks sooner, like we did this time.

I made a recipe Laura told me about, chicken with buffalo chicken seasoning and lots of butter served on rice. It was yummy. Tim got an ice cream cake. Which I could eat! I posted recently that Munchies seemed to be getting over her MSPI, and as I've been adding more and more dairy/eggs/soy she's still had no reaction. I'm up to eating nearly as much dairy as I want now. Next step is giving her some.

We started watching The Butterfly Effect when Munchies took her afternoon nap, and she quite conveniently slept until the credits started rolling. I thought it was pretty good, but I wish I'd watched the theater version instead of the director's cut. I read about it after, and the endings were different, I would have much preferred to have seen the theater ending.

Laura made me some delicious shortbread/caramel/chocolate cookies and came over for a walk the next day. I got lots of Facebook birthday wishes and emails.

Overall, it was my style birthday. Good times. =)


  1. Very considerate of Munchies to get over her MSPI just in time for you to consume birthday goodies. Glad you had a fun day.

  2. and also very considerate of her to sleep until just the end of the movie. such a good girl.

  3. oh and I love the new background picture. You think it's just a pretty autumn scene but when you scroll to the end of the page you've got the whole family in there. I'm assuming Janie took this picture since it's so pretty. And also since you dad appears to be in the background. I guess it doesn't take amazing deductive reasoning skills to figure out the photographer. well, whatever. I'm basically a detective it's just that this particular instance may not be the best example of my skills.


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