Bells Canyon

The next day we started hiking from a trailhead that didn't have a name as far as I could see. It's on the south side of the road right before entering Little Cottonwood Canyon. We walked along it until we reached the Bells Canyon trailhead, and hiked up there a little ways too. It was gorgeous with all of the fall colors.

Look at these two big front teeth. They're so cute.


  1. wait a minute. if it's right before the main canyon, does that mean dogs are allowed? It looks like a pretty dreamy hike. and munchies' teeth are super cute. They're making baby man jealous...I'm pretty sure it's motivating him to try and grow his in faster.

  2. I thought the same thing, that dogs might be allowed, but they're not. Go baby man!

    P.S. Baby man, the new teeth, they're not for biting.


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