10 Months

First of all, I forgot to include this in my post about her trip to see my grandpa.

Milestones: This month she learned to sit up on her own easily. Last month she had done it, but she wasn't a pro yet. Now she sits herself up all the time. She isn't exactly crawling, but she creeps along commando style. She gets up on her hands and knees often, and crawls some that way, but not exclusively yet. She's still slow at crawling. She pulls herself up on things, but doesn't walk alongside them yet. She can support her weight standing well, but her balance needs to improve to do it on her own. She can do pretty well holding my hand though. She's got 4 teeth, two top, two bottom.

Likes: She loves music. Her leg will often kick to the beat. She loves reading, she giggles when I get out a book. Turning the pages is probably her favorite part. She also likes to feel her touch and feel books. She seems to recognize people and animals in books. She gets very excited when she sees close up pictures of babies.  She loves animals and gets excited when any of our pets are nearby.

Games: She learned to clap. Then I tried just asking her to clap without clapping myself, and found out that she knows the word already. It's so cute to ask her to clap and see how excited she gets to play along. She also loves to play along if I start blowing raspberries. She still loves peek a boo in any context. She seems to think it's funny to make noise when she's being bounced on Tim's knee.

Food: I'm still breast feeding her and have a hard time getting her to eat much else. She isn't a fan of eating with a spoon. She'll eat a few spoonfuls, but then she'd rather grab the spoon and get the contents all over herself than eat them. She likes to pick up food herself and eat it, but she never eats a lot that way either. Part of the problem is how limited I am in what I can give her due to her MSPI. The good news is, babies start growing out of that around a year old, two years would be the very latest. It's probably time for me to do a test and make sure she's even still got a reaction. The one thing she seems to really like is my avocado smoothie, she will sip quite a lot of that happily and even tries to grab the glass if I'm not prompt enough at giving her the next sip.

Sleep: Sleep has not been great since around 6 months old. However, I recently started a new plan to get her sleeping better. It's too soon to say for sure how well it's working, but it does seem to be helping.


  1. She's a very talented little girl. Won't be long before she's walking and getting into a lot of trouble!
    Cute to see her listening to the harmonica. Hard to tell who enjoyed it more, her or great-grandad.

  2. man, one of these days we're gonna have to hang out somewhere where I can actually see her blossoming crawling skills at work.

  3. I witnessed her making fun noises when bouncing on Tims knee. This video is strange to watch. I think you should do another one where she is sitting up and you can see her facial expressions. It's much better that way.

  4. I know Laura, plus then she and Locke could play together that way.

    Ok Sammy, I'll post a better one next time she's doing it.


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