Prince of Whales Mine

Tim and I hiked up Grizzly Gulch to Prince of Whales Mine. The views are stunning starting just a half mile up the trail. There were wildflowers out too.

Most of the way up I kept looking back at the view and marveling over how pretty it was. Once you reach the destination, a mine in a pass, the views are even more gorgeous.

Here I am on my noble steed.


I love the juxtaposition of the old rusted mining equipment in the middle of the mountains. Munchies enjoyed herself as usual. She just loves bouncing around in the pack looking out at all of the new sights.

There were some interesting people on the trail. A man was wearing some socks that were pretty crazy. They were about an inch thick and folded over below the knee to provide more shnazzy thickness. It was about 85 degrees out, so I can only assume the fashion statement was worth it to him. Then there was the couple who managed to escape the gym long enough for a hike. They were a deep orangy bronze, scantily clad, and highly muscled. The woman had some of the largest breasts we've seen in person. They were impressive nearly head sized tangerine globes, more than half of which her sports bra was unable to cover as they rose to meet her chin. She wore shorts that were unable to cover her butt cheeks. Her man was wearing fashionable black shorts only. We estimate he was about 300 pounds and 6 feet tall, mostly made of muscle, but a belly had crept up on him. We stumbled upon them after taking a wrong turn and were glad we missed the part where they must have been making tender love in the bushes. There wouldn't be much other reason to be hanging out where they were. When we were on our way down they labored up the hill to pass us, struggling to lug all of their extra muscle up the mountain. Munchies shrieked loudly in excitement when she saw them. Apparently she's got an affinity for body builders.

Impressive view of Mount Raymond (we think?)


  1. I can't imagine why we've never been on this hike before.
    Very pretty views.
    The descriptions of your fellow hikers are hilarious. No wonder Zoey was shrieking.

  2. I would've liked a photo of these body builders. I can't imagine that any love they were making in the bushes was very tender...

  3. A photo of the lovely couple would have been nice. The views look amazing. May we do this hike when I come to visit?

  4. how great that you expose your sweetie to all the beauty...interessting folks you ran your descriptions...

  5. Perhaps Munchies was shrieking with delight at the woman because she appeared to have an inexhaustible food supply strapped to her chest? I'm sure baby man would have had a similar reaction if he managed to be so observant.

  6. Eric, I know, I wish I had gotten a picture. It would have been so classic.

    Sammy, absolutely! That will be fun.

    Laura, true, she was like, "Woah! A buffet!!"


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