Old Red Pine Road

Here is the gps data. This trails is little written about online. I couldn't find much. It doesn't help that it seems to have multiple names. The sign says Old Pine Road, but online I see it called Old Millcreek Canyon Road too. It continues along the route the canyon road used to take I imagine, but for some reason the road was only paved up to the little water trailhead. It isn't very shady at first, but quickly develops into a gorgeous hike in almost total shade to a very pretty and large meadow. I foolishly didn't take any pictures. I totally forgot. I will have to repeat this one to get some pictures of that meadow. I did this hike with Laura. It seems like it was a couple of weeks ago. Too long to remember what was talked about to include a conversation here. I'm really bad at this conversation thing. I'm going to have to step it up!

Round Trip Distance: 3.09 miles (really a little shorter, but we doubled back at one point and tried a different trail after thinking we had gone the wrong way)
Starting/Ending Elevation: 7613/8485
Round Trip Time: 2.5 hours
Shade: 75%
Baby Carrying Comfort: Good
Overall Difficulty: 50%
Trail Pleasure Scale: 70% Nice and shady.
Destination Pleasure Scale: 70% Gorgeous huge meadow.
Best Time of Year: This is probably easily hikeable with no snow from July 1st when the avalanche gate opens until it closes November 1st.
Dogs Allowed?: Yes. Offleash on odd days.
Canyon Fee: $3


  1. I've never been there but it sounds pretty. We'll have to keep it in mind for our next trip.


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