Moving out already

Munchies has just now moved out of my bedroom into her own. I should have moved her long ago, but I loved having her next to me. Her sleep started to get weird though, and I finally decided I better put her in her own room and see if that helped. It's too early to say for sure, but so far it seems to be an improvement. Lately when I put her in her room for naps, she flips onto her side right away and falls asleep quickly. In my room her cosleeper was too small for her to roll to her side. Every night at about 4 am she would wake and cry loudly until I finally gave in and fed her. In her own room, at about 4 am, she flipped onto her side and slept right through until 7:30. Hopefully, this is going to happen from now on.

It's weird not having her in my room anymore. I woke up several times and was really confused when I realized she wasn't in the room. Fortunately, I've got a video monitor so I was able to just check that and see that she was doing well. I am glad if I get up in the night it won't wake her anymore. We can watch TV right before bed without having the volume almost off and reading captions. It's nice in a lot of ways. But, I miss having her in my room.


  1. yeah, my sentiments exactly. it's nice in a lot of ways but it's hard too. Pretty awesome that it appears to be helping her sleep through the night again though.

  2. It's hard to let kids grow up. Moving out of your bedroom is only the first step. Pre-school is only a couple of years off!


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