Lake Solitude

The I key on the keyboard has taken a turn for the worst. I have to whack really hard on the keyboard to get it to go. So, I'm thnkng t's easer not to use t for now. Now hopefully the rest of ths post wll make sense.

You can get to t from the Brghton parkng lot, or you can start n the Soltude parkng lot. We started n the soltude parkng lot. The hke s mostly on ski (hey now t's workng! Oh... no t's not... false alarm) runs. There sn't much shade, t was a cool day so that was deal though. t's about 1,000 feet elevaton gan and 1.5 miles each way. I forgot the gps watch, as usual. The lake sn't very bg, but the surroundngs are very pretty and overall a nce hke. Here's the vew from near the lake.


  1. I was able to decipher your post just fine with out the use of i. It's neat how the brain works sometimes.

  2. Tess, this post is cracking me up! I loved reading it and really love that picture of the lake. Beautiful!

  3. No i's makes for interesting reading.
    Cute photo of Laura and baby.


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