The Haps and Greens Basin UPDATED

Forgot to add a few pictures.

The last couple of weeks have been busy. My brother came to visit for a week. Here he is looking thoughtful on a walk through the field we frequent with the dogs.

 And here's my dad looking thoughtful, must be genetic.

He and my parents stayed with us for a couple of days, went on a trip with my parents horses, then came to stay with us for another couple of days. It's always a lot of fun hanging out with Eric. We played tennis and bridge. He did about 10 accents on command, quite a talent. He and Tim compared sweet dance moves. We asked him questions such as why do you only see one side of the moon, because he knows the answers to such things. If you're interested, he just posted the reason on his blog.

We went hiking to Greens Basin. This time we didn't see a moose. That didn't mean I didn't worry about seeing one though. I kept hearing noises of something large in the woods around the meadow. Eric and my dad listened.

Eric said he could see a squirrel dropping things making the noises. No one believed him for like 5 minutes. Finally we realized he was correct.

Eric carried Munchies.

It rained and we all got wet except for her. Eric got to know Munchies again, he hadn't seen her since April. She was scared of him at first and would go, "Ahhhhhhhhh!" every time she was near him. It took a little while for her to realize he wasn't scary. She warmed up quickly after that.

The night before he came into town we had taken her to an urgent care place because she was having some worrisome symptoms. They traumatized her by attempting to catheterize her for like 5 minutes. By the time they succeeded she had already peed all over the table. She was screaming the whole time. It was horrible and I still feel like I'm going to throw up just thinking about it. We left and took her to Primary Childrens' The next morning. It took them literally 3 seconds to cath her, I counted. The point is, she had good reason to be wary of strangers after that. There ended up being nothing wrong with her at all. FYI, the Urgent Care center on 1300 east and around 8000 south blows. Never go there.

Other than that, I've still been meeting up with Laura a couple times a week for hikes. I've been reading like a madwoman. Been hooked on reading lately, especially a certain trilogy with I decided just this moment deserves it's own blog post. Trying to teach Munchies to crawl, she's on the verge. Going through some tough sleeping times with her, partly due to teething I think. It's been getting better lately. And those, my friends, are the haps!


  1. You need to steal and post the pic of Zoey from Erics blog because she is adorable. I would also like to own a towel like hers.

  2. pretty exciting times. Especially the crawling thing. soo close now...

  3. Yes, it's been a busy couple of weeks, but lots of fun. I'll try to get those photos sent to you today.

  4. Yes, it was a good visit. I'm glad Zoey decided she liked me at least a little bit :)

    You can get yourself a towel like that at Target. That's where I got that one for Zoey. At $10 i think this is a must have.

  5. True, I should steal that pic. But, Eric, the towel might be a little small for Sammy, huh?


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