Laura and I have been having a debate. We need outsider help to decide who is correct in this matter. Whose got the hottest body?* Or, if you are a woman and prefer not to think about women being hot, we can word it like this: if you had to trade bodies with one of these women below, who would it be? You must tell us! (Also, Tim just outed me as far as which side I'm on in the comments, so you have to make up your mind before you look at the comments. No cheating.)

You've got Jennifer:

 Or Julie:

Jennifer's abs:

Julie's abs:

Jennifer's booty:

Strangely in nearly an identical outfit, Julie's booty:
* Listen, sometimes when you hike 5 hours per week with someone, you simply run out of intelligent conversation fodder.


  1. I am with Julie on this. I think you were very generous on your pictures of Jennifer, Tess. There are a lot of pictures of Jennifer with stick body, hunch back and no butt (I know because tess made me look at photos of both women during the debate, lol.)

  2. I agree with Tim in one respect: you were pretty good about picking flattering pictures of that jennifer chick. I'm not sure why there are so many terrible pics of her out there. Seems like it's no contest to me though. Even taking into account that she seems to be missing a butt, Jennifer's got a way better body. But perhaps that's just because I feel like I've got a similar frame to Julie's so I feel like if I worked for it, I could have that body. But Jennifer's is pretty much unattainable for me so it makes it seem more attractive. Either that of it's just better. Hard to say.

  3. Julie without question. I've always thought that Jennifer was strange looking and that she only got the job on Dexter because it's the role of a geeky little sister.

    Also, Julie Benz looks stunning at 38. I have my doubts that Jennifer will look that good in eight years.

  4. Jennifer is married to Michael C. Hall in real life which is why in my opinion she got the job on Dexter in the first place. She may have a hot body but she is bla otherwise. I enjoy Julie much more over all personality and body. I need to catch up on Dexter because next season Julia Stiles is going to be on it and I love her.

  5. I also vote for Julie. Jennifer just looks like she's one step above being anorexic, & there is something weird about her face. Anyway, Julie looks much more natural & soft, but not in a fat kind of way. Maybe its because I could never be as skinny as Jennifer, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to be!

  6. Thanks for voting Elizabeth. Yeah, I think she makes a good geeky sister too. I was surprised when I found out she and Dexter got married in real life recently, which is actually how Laura and I came to be debating her looks. I didn't know Julie was 38, yes, she looks awesome.

    Sammy, I believe she and Michael met on set. They didn't get married until this past January. I notice you've dodged the question! No cheating! You must declare once and for all based on bodies only whose you prefer.

    Nikki, yep, agree totally!

  7. huh. I can't believe I'm alone on this one. Jennifer is too skinny but Julia's body just seems so average to me. Very interesting. I'll have to show ryan these pictures and see what he says but so far it's not looking so good for team jennifer.

  8. jen looks a bit too xy for me in her first 2 pics. also the ruby red lipstick is a turnoff.
    # 3 is much more attractive.
    julie has a more winsome xx look in her features so for a confident xy i go for julie every time.
    no contest.

  9. I always thought Jennifer kind of went back and forth on the show, in some episodes she looks pretty, in some, really weird looking. I have always thought Julie was gorgeous. I love the natural pretty girl they make her on the show and agree about her body, she looks healthy. I have to go with Julie on this one, even thought I'm still a little upset about her being dead and all.

  10. Tough decision, but I'm going to have to go with Julie. Jill is just a tiny frame with no meat on her, and she doesn't even have hips or a butt. Julie isn't very curvy either though. Julian and I were thinking that picture of her in the red sports attire looks quite photo-shopped. (Now I'm allowed to read the comments since I wrote this...) That's funny. I KNEW Laura would pick Jennifer because of her stick-frame. And I was also thinking Julia's body looked a lot like Laura's, so she wouldn't like it as much. :)

  11. Julie's way hotter, face n stuff, but jennifers abs are MUCH hotter, so id like my woman like julie but with jennifers abs


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