Beartrap Fork

My parents were in town and we all went hiking up Beartrap Fork to Desolation Lake. Gps data here.

Round Trip Distance: 4.5 miles
Starting/Ending Elevation:7554/9813
Round Trip Time: 3 hours 34 minutes (including at least 30 minutes of breaks)
Shade: It was cloudy, so hard to say. 50%?
Baby Carrying Comfort: 2300 feet elevation gain in just over 2 miles, many steep areas. I wouldn't have felt comfortable carrying Munchies. I also would probably have passed out. Tim felt fine though.
Overall Difficulty: 65%
Trail Pleasure Scale: 80% This trail is sheltered in a little canyon almost the whole way. You're surrounded by green, and if you went earlier in the year, by wildflowers.
Destination Pleasure Scale: 75% The view of Desolation Lake is stunning.
Best Time of Year: Flowers would probably be out in July.
Dogs Allowed?: No
Canyon Fee: No

A perty aspen grove on the way up.

Here's the view as you're getting close to the top.

On the way down my parents were walking ahead of us, and I looked up to see a moose. It was a cow which made me extra wary. I started yelling, "Stop! Moose! Female! Female moose!" Tim yelled, "Back!" Which is kind of funny because that's the command we give the dogs. Easy to remember I guess. They finally got the memo. They were a little confused because they couldn't see the moose at all from where they were. They came back up the trail and from behind some trees we felt comfortable checking the moose out. It was probably only 30-50 feet away. Turned out this moosie had a calf, so I'm glad we didn't all trample past on the trail which would have taken us only about 10 feet away from the calf. We observed them for awhile, but then the cow started staring us down and flattening her ears.

We bushwhacked around her then giving her lots of space.

I was tired after I got back, and I wasn't even the one carrying Munchies! Quite a steep trek. Lovely though, and somewhere I had never been before. My dad did a fantastic job picking out this hike.


  1. Gee, you chose all of my favorite photos from this hike!
    Mama moose does look a little threatening.

  2. That first picture's gorgeous. lol, funny that Tim shouted out a dog command. I can totally picture myself doing that.

  3. oh no. it's a trap. definitely won't be going on this hike anytime soon.


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