9 Months

She's starting to make the bunny seem small. Here's a comparison picture for you of her at about 1 week old with her bunny. They were close to the same size.

This month Munchies got two bottom teeth. Right as they were breaking through she had a few nights where sleeping was pretty tough for all of us. She's been having some sleep issues in general for a little while, but this was the worst it's been. It's since gotten quite a bit better. I did some sleep training and it's improved a lot without yet having to resort to letting her just cry it out. The teeth coming in has caused some problems in the nursing area. Probably that should be it's own post, but I'm sure you can imagine. 

She sat up on her own from being on her tummy. She opens and closes her books and her baby laptop. She absolutely loves pulling a towel off of her face or mine. She reaches up and delicately gets a firm grip on the towel, then yanks it off suddenly. Then she'll grin and giggle. She loves sitting in the grocery cart.


She's always up for at least an hour of grocery shopping. She can fully support her weight on her legs, but needs help with her balance. She can stand up for quite awhile using my fingers or the edge of her crib.

The crib has now been lowered for when she figures out how to sit up on her own regularly and pulls herself up on the edge. She will pull herself to standing when she gets the chance. She is very close to crawling. She loves listening to music. She starts bouncing up and down when she hears a tune she fancies. She's able to grab things more precisely. She used to reach toward things with her whole hand, now she reaches toward things with just her pointer finger, creation style. It makes me laugh.

Her napping has gotten really regular after being erratic up until now. She naps twice a day, sometimes for as little as half an hour, up to two hours. Usually it adds up to around 2-3 hours.

She loves sitting in her daddy's lap while he plays guitar. She will sit there for close to an hour, just listening to the music and touching the strings.

I know everyone says it, but I can't believe 9 months can go by so quickly. We're thinking we'd like about a 2 year gap between kids, which means I would need to be pregnant 6 months from now. Gee whilickers. That seems so soon. We'll see how gung ho we feel about it when the time comes I suppose.


  1. Her eyes look so pretty in that last picture especially. I agree, it doesn't seem like it's been 9 months at all. She's like a full grown baby now.

  2. I'm glad your taking monthly pics with the bunny. It's nice to see the comparison and to see how quickly she is growing!

  3. She's going to want her own guitar soon.
    Taking photos with the bunny to show growth is a great idea.


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