Hike from Brighton to Lake Mary, Martha, Catherine and Catherine Pass

We went on a hike Sunday with my parents. Even though it was hot in the valley it was fairly cool because we started all the way up at Brighton. Here's the gps data. And the hiking survey:

Round Trip Distance: 5.24 miles
Starting/Ending Elevation: 8,760/10,473
Round Trip Time: 3.5 hours (counting breaks)
Shade: 25%
Optimal time of year: Mid July for Lake Mary to be full, still some snow to hike through above Lake Mary then though. If you want to go up to Lake Catherine and to Catherine pass you really need to wait until August for the snow to melt.
Baby Carrying Comfort: A few steep areas, but not steep enough to be risky.
Overall Difficulty: 60%
Trail Pleasure Scale: 75% Lovely wildflowers, cool enough even with sparse shade on a hot hot day. The only thing I didn't like is that some of the trails are ski runs, so that isn't too scenic.
Destination Pleasure Scale: 100% 3 lakes to see and gorgeous views, no complaints here.
Dogs Allowed?: Nope
Canyon Fee: No

Conversation of the hike, special guest my dad:

Dad: I don't like watching these programs like Seinfeld because when they're over, I got nothing.
Tim: Well, what about a chuckle? Surely you could get a chuckle.
Dad: I can get a chuckle reading history. There are lots of hilarious stories about what dumbasses people are.
Me: (Sure he's trapped in a lie now) Let's ask mama. Mama, do you ever hear him laughing out loud reading history?
Mom: (With no hesitation) Yes!!

Munchies was ready and rearing to go.

Tim checked on her and confirmed it. Or, was he checking his make up? Good writing should include mystery.

First we hiked up to Lake Mary. The trail is fairly exposed with little shade. Lake Mary is actually a reservoir and the water level was about 50% lower than when I did this hike with Laura a few weeks ago. It wasn't nearly as pretty. I meant to take a picture to show how low the level was, but we took a wrong turn on the way back and totally missed Lake Mary. Oops. We continued on to Lake Martha, which is only about a tenth of a mile past Lake Mary.

Lake Catherine is nearly another mile past Lake Martha. The trail is much nicer after Lake Mary. Less crowded and much more shady. When we got to Lake Catherine I got sidetracked because a big mosquito landed on me and I smashed him smearing a huge puddle of blood all over myself. Luckily it wasn't my blood. Although, that proved much grosser. As a result, this is the only picture of Lake Catherine. It was taken on the hike there, you can see it off to the left in the distance. This picture also shows the wildflowers, which were out in full force the whole way.

We headed up to Catherine pass, just another 1/4 of a mile or less away. This is the view looking back toward Lake Catherine.

After that we headed up the ridge a little ways to another pass, but I forget it's name. It offered better views than Catherine Pass, where you couldn't see very well into Albion Basin.

Here we are at the unknown pass. We've passed out as my dad says.

My mom was smoothing my dad's hair for a picture, but I liked this one better.

We're in trouble now!

And that my friends, is all you ever wanted to know about this hike, but were afraid to ask.


  1. Well, you beat me to it. I may have to reuse some of those photos. Little Munchies in the backpack steals the post.

  2. The flowers look awesome. I hope that you will take me on some hikes when I come to visit. I agree with your mom. Zoey as always is a scene stealer.

  3. I will definitely take you hiking Sammy!

  4. I love it..I came over from your Moms blog...I see the family tradition of hiking is being carried on...

  5. I've been watching your baby grow on your mom's blog! You have a beautiful blog, too!


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