Four Years

It's gone by so fast that until this week we were both confident it had only been three years. I went hiking with Laura, and since she and Ryan got married four months after us, I idly asked her how long they'd been married. Sure she was going to say almost three years, but just wanting to double check. I was shocked when she said almost four, but she was positive. I told Tim it was actually four and he didn't believe it was true. I had to consult my blog and low and behold, it's been four years.

It's been a great four years. Trips to Vegas, San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Frozevelt, Seattle, and Lake Powell. Lots of puzzles and crosswords. Playing pool all the time, bowling, texas holdum with Tim's friends. Hiking, jogging and x country skiing galore. Clubbing and parties slowly became cooking, movies at home, cuddling and home projects. Then pregnancy and our sweet Munchies. Watching Tim be a daddy, it's one of my favorite things. Here's to the next four years and many more!


  1. Congratulations!! You guys are having a lot of fun together and it's a blast to be around you :)

  2. Aww. Nice post baby! I certainly cant believe it has been so long already. Makes me worried about the time getting away from me, but I enjoyed it all. I look forward to many more! Happy anniversary! P.s. Look at me laying that one on you. Almost forgot people were watching.

  3. Happy anniversary! Great post. You two are perfect together.

  4. Happy anniversary. I love that picture.
    I only knew it was 4 years because I checked. Time does fly. Can't believe Munchies is 8 months old already.

  5. Why thaynk yew Bobby, I thaynk yer a real treat too!

    Yes, I know what you mean about time getting away from us. It's kind of hard to figure out what to say when you're sitting here watching me type...

    Thanks Deb and Monica. :)

    I know, going to be graduating from high school before we know it!

  6. Happy 4 yrs!

  7. crazy that it's been that long. i love that picture too.


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