Dog Lake

I can never seem to remember to turn the gps watch on and off, it's such a hassle. Last time I left it on until I'd driven halfway back down the canyon, this time I forgot to turn it on until I had hiked up about half a mile. I think it will have to do though. It shows hiking up the short route and down the long. Just imagine the starting point is in the same place as the ending point and you'll have the complete hike.

This is the glory that is Dog Lake. It looks a lot like a huge mud puddle. I like the hike so much because it's a perfect length and the trail itself is very pretty with lots of shade. The destination beauty wise leaves something to be desired, however, the dogs all hang out with their doggie buddies and have a blast.

Round Trip Distance: About 6 miles if you take the long route, 3.6 miles if you take the short steep route.
Starting/Ending Elevation: 7626/8785
Round Trip Time: 3 hours this time, but normally it only takes about 1 hr 45 min round trip.
Shade: 75%+
Baby Carrying Comfort: Great. No areas are very steep.
Overall Difficulty: 25%
Trail Pleasure Scale: 70%
Destination Pleasure Scale: 25%
Best Time of Year: The avalanche gate is only open from July 1st-November 1st. It's a good hike the whole time, except it can get pretty chilly in the fall.
Dogs Allowed?: Yes, offleash on odd days. Even days bikes are allowed, so I only go odd days.
Canyon Fee: $3

Monica and Gerry, with a Sadie dog in the background. 

Lots of shade.


  1. I love Dog Lake! Very enjoyable hike for sure.

  2. The second to last photo shows a beautiful view. The best thing about the lake is all the dogs having fun in the water.


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