8 Months Old


She giggles all the time now. If she hears me laugh, she looks over and giggles almost every time. She really wants to be a part of the action. She giggles also when she sees Tim after not seeing him for a bit.

She understands now that out of sight objects are still there. If I hold a book between our faces she leans to the side to peer around the book at me. She will pick the side that's shortest to peer around.

Her noises are getting more varied. She does more types of sounds than just dadada and mamama and babbles a lot. She loves blowing raspberries.
She likes eating my food, I've been offering her a taste of most of what I eat. She gets a big smile when she sees I'm offering her something and she prefers if what I'm offering is something solid she can grab and feed to herself. She still doesn't like baby food.

She isn't crawling yet, but she wants to. She stares at objects in front of her and tries to get to them by moving her body with her arms alone. So far it's counter productive, as when she does that she scoots backward. She also does a lot of lifting her booty in the air and bouncing around trying to figure out how to get herself moving. We're thinking she will figure it out within a month.

She strikes like a cobra when one of the animals gets within her grasp, snatching a fistful of hair.

We really have to watch her around Zeus and make sure one of our hands is in between his face and her hand when she is doing this, since he's been known to attack when bothered even slightly. He, like Sadie, will need a new home because of this. Speaking of Sadie, my friend Carin said she would adopt her if I can't find her a home. She lives in Texas and it's $350 to fly a dog of her size there, so I still and hoping to find a good home here, but it is so nice to know that I have a backup plan now.

Sleep hasn't been going quite as well, as described here. However, it has drastically improved. She's back to waking up once or twice and going almost immediately back to sleep. I think I'm usually the cause of her waking up too, getting up for a snack, to pee, ect. Tim finally go the screen door installed to her room so that we can leave our doors open and hear her at night so now I need to try getting her to sleep in her own room. I do have a baby monitor, but I can't help but feel like it might suddenly stop working in the middle of the night and I don't want my door and her door shut for that reason. The screen door to her room makes it so that the cats cant get in there and sleep on her which you hear about, but I'll be able to hear her.

She has been on lots of hikes this summer. Often she takes long naps during the hikes and ends up being a cute lil' sleeping face in the background of pictures.

 She loves her swing and the take stuff out of the basket game.

One last picture that I couldn't bring myself to exclude.


  1. Aww she looks more like a little girl than a baby to me in that picture where she's playing with her toys. It's crazy how fast she's growing up. Good idea there with a screen door.

  2. She's looking awfully cute. Love that first pic.

  3. I love the last pic. If she's crawling when I come to visit it will be fun.

  4. Oh my... so cute!

    She is growing some hair now!

    Btw, I think that your "main character" is probably be Zoey, not you ;)

  5. Laura, I guess she is starting to look little girl like. A little insane how fast the time has gone.

    Thanks, mama, I like the first picture too. It's a tie between that one and the last one.

    Sammy, I bet she will be by then. :)

    Eric, hmm... I admit you have a point.


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