Twin Lakes and Pass

Twin Lakes Hike by jimmeh33 at Garmin Connect - Details

Tim just realized we can link from my blog to his garmin watch site to show the exact stats of the hike for anyone interested.

Laura, her husband Ryan and of course their baby man accompanied us on this hike. I've hiked from Brighton to Silver Lake (which you can see from the parking lot) toward Lake Solitude before, and the hike was very nice and shady. I assumed since the hike to Twin Lakes starts from Silver Lake too that it would also be shady. Not so. The hike was along open ski runs and there was hardly any shade.

It was also super popular, which I don't find as fun as a more isolated hike.

Twin Lakes was pretty though. And Laura has a nice genuine smile here, I think we can all agree.

When we got there we had this conversation:

Laura: I might need to feed Locke here.

Me: Well, it looks like the area over there next to the lake is nice and shady, you could duck in there.

Laura: Yeah... but I just saw another couple with a baby go that way. That would be awkward.

Tim: Didn't you know this is where all the women come to nurse babies?

Laura: Oh, yeah, maybe that's what that sign is about.

 Me: Oh, of course! No nursing underwater! Makes total sense.

Tim coached her into this shnazzy pose, which I think is a Tim fail. He specifically told her to look sour. Well, now when she's 80 and spends all her time maintaining her yard she knows what expression to use when she yells at the kids to get off of her lawn.

Hmm.. come to think of it, I think a woman actually did that to me frequently on my walk home from elementary school. I think there was no sidewalk, so it was either walk in the street or else on the edge of people's lawns. Maybe my mom remembers this?

Later on the hike Tim and Laura had this conversation:

Laura: Bugs love me. I always end up with a million bug bites. It's because I have delicious tasting blood.

Tim: Well, that or it tastes like garbage...

Laura: Huh. I guess it's true bugs to like poop and garbage a lot.

Here are Tim and Ryan above Twin Lakes. (You'll notice they've merged. There's a dam now, so it's just one reservoir.)

Up top. Tim caught me mid putting my  hands on my hips.

I'm posting this because I think my expression is nice.

Here's Tim snowboarding to the pass:


  1. Question? I see you guys wearing shorts which makes me think it's warm, or hot if that is the case, are the babies not hot in their pajamas? why don't they get to wear shorts too?

  2. I love the Garmin link. Makes it nice for anyone that wants to see any detailed data from the outings. The dialogue is nice. I especially like how only the pointless conversations are the amusing ones. Too bad you didnt get any photos of the Mango smoothies we all enjoyed afterwards at the Brighton store. Its happenin up there on summer weekends.

  3. We're always hiking fairly hard, which makes it a lot hotter for us than for the babies who're just chillin'. The other reason is that the undisputed best sun protection is covering your skin, it's unknown exactly how well sunscreen protects against cancer. I don't want to risk that, so I cover her up, keep her in the shade, and hike at high elevation where it's usually no hotter than 80 degrees.

  4. Lol. Who're. Let me rephrase that. Who are...

  5. who're? I dont see that anywhere?

  6. Oh, it's there. I said, "which makes it a lot hotter for the babies who're just chillin'"

  7. I like the addition of the Garmin link.

  8. too bad we didnt get any pics of zoey makin the moves on locke while we had our smoothies. that was the highlight i'd say. and I like who're but I'm always making up contractions to spice things up.

  9. I'm glad Laura and Ryan joined you guys for a hike. I love the view over the lake.


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