Spicing up the hiking blogs, and Ferguson Canyon

I know these hiking blogs are probably pretty boring to most people. I decided what I've got to do is spice them up a little. I was thinking of including the most interesting/funny conversation topic from each hike. I'm not sure if I want to do it dialogue style, or just sum it up. Laura voted for dialogue style, even if I end up making up most of the dialogue for comedy purposes.

Wednesday's hike was Ferguson Canyon. It's a nice meeting spot for a quick hike because you don't have to drive up a canyon. It's just a hop skip and a jump from Wasatch Boulevard. The bad thing about it from the standpoint of carrying babies is after about half an hour of hiking you hit a ridiculously steep section. It's straight up with no switchbacks and it's situated in such a way as you can't traverse. Laura and I have hiked some possibly inadvisable steep places in trails with our babies, but we both thought no way the moment we saw this.

It's nice and green. Notice how casual I look.

Okay, let's try this spicing it up thing.

Me: Tell me why it is again that you refuse to smile showing your teeth in pictures?

Laura: (groaning) Ugh, well, it's just that it's always a disaster. (Okay, being honest I've already forgotten her faulty reasoning. Something to do with how it doesn't work for some reason and her dad's smile.)

Me: Well, you should know, people are starting to notice and ask questions. Tim being people. We had a brief conversation in which he asked why you're never showing her teeth and I said, I forgot I'll ask her.*

Laura: I have been thinking lately that I need to give the whole smiling thing a try.

Me: I handed Laura my camera, she took a picture. It looked like this:

She felt like she needed a do over. It looked like this:

Both pictures looked like good progress to me, but Tim shot them down, stating that opening your mouth widely is not smiling. What a harsh critic. However, He declared this one a success:

She outdid herself here. A new door has opened for her photography wise. Look for new and exciting expressions in our next hike's pictures.

* Tim reminded me that he didn't notice any such thing. Apparently, I was looking through pictures and muttering about how Laura never really smiles, and he said, "Huh, I guess that's true. Why is that?"


  1. Yeah...I tried my best but I've really gotta side with tim on this one. Those first two were big fails. Not too pumped about the 3rd either but it is a step in the right direction. lol your "you might also like" feature directed me to that pasky belly fat makeover we did with mary kay. ahh that was awesome.

  2. Now that's a really good smile in the last photo! I like the dialogue thing.


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