Seven Months Old


She's figured out the path to get objects into her mouth from her hand. If I give her a pretzel she pops it right into her mouth, she's learned they're tasty. On the other hand, if I give her a spoon she usually refuses it, baby food is not tasty. I'm thinking I may just end up breast feeding until she learns to feed herself finger foods and is capable of eating them. It doesn't seem like she's got much interest in spoon fed baby food and I figure why bother if she doesn't like it. Breast feeding exclusively up until a year is as good if not better than introducing other foods sooner anyway. I'll let her taste what I'm eating if it's safe and when she's ready for more she'll let me know.

I've discovered more things that make her giggle. Swinging in her swing outside, puckering your lips at her and zooming in slowly for a kiss.

She's recently started shrieking. Sometimes with joy, sometimes when she's upset. She blows raspberries when she's feeling impatient, loudly enough that I can't hold a conversation.

She seems to like being in the backpack, which means my hope of doing lots of hiking with her this summer is going to work out just fine.

She did a lot of hiking this month.

No crawling yet, but she is often 180 degrees turned within a couple of minutes when I lay her down.

She doesn't seem to have stranger anxiety in general, but she dislikes being picked up without the person getting to know her a little at first. She screams.

She's getting better and better at sitting by herself. She can do it for quite awhile now.

Her MSPI is just as bad as ever. After a month of following my diet perfectly I tried eggs since they're often ok for MSPI babies and they weren't okay for her. More blood in her poop and last night was night 4 of her waking up multiple times during the night.

She got to see my parents a couple of times this past month. She and grandpa played with his compass. It was a good time. It seems grandma avoided pictures again this time. Devious of her. I'll have to get some of her with Munchies next time.


  1. I have a couple photos of grandma taking photos. I'll have to send them to you. Meeting with your parents has been fun though.

  2. The 7 month photo is very cute. She has a great smile. Grandpa noted that she also has a light halo behind her head. Appropriate for such a sweet little girl.

  3. Cute, cuter, cutest! She has very intelligent eyes, can't wait until she starts to tell you what's going on in there.

  4. Thank you for posting pics of Zoey all the time. This way I really do feel like I'm getting to know her. That and skype!

  5. CUTE! I love the shrieks! Yeah...Ryker wasn't too fond of baby food at first, but I pretty much told him to man-up. LOL! Now he loves it. Oh...and I got him some Gerber Graduates Crunchers in Veggie Dip. He reallly likes those. Not sure if they contain soy bean oil though. Anyway, your Breastfeeding 'til Zoey hand-feeds herself plan sounds like a good one. :)

  6. Funny that Grandpa noted that. It does look like a halo.

    Sammy, lets Skype. You're back in town now, yes?

    I really need to get some of those veggie dip things. Those sound like they'd be perfect for her. Hopefully no soybean oil, I need to check.

  7. So...I was curious and thoght I'd just look it up real quick. Woo hoo! NO SOYBEAN OIL!!

    Here's the link to the info on it, so you can check to see if there's anything else in them Crunchies that could disagree with Munchies' system:

  8. Looks like the maple cinnamon flavor is good to go, nothing in there should be a problem. The others have whey (from milk) lame. But, maple cinnamon sounds tasty, I bet she'll like it.

  9. Aaaggghhh what has happened here?? seems I've missed like 5 posts or so. I didn't even know about the pretzel thing but it seems like the best of both worlds. You get her munching on food that she likes and you don't have to deal with her getting that goopy baby food all over yet.


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