I finally wrote about Sadie for a flier or online posting. It is so sad to have to find another home for her. I know I need to get posting her information though, because Munchies will be crawling very soon. The longer I have to find her a home the more picky I can be. So, here it is. If you know of anyone without kids who wants a great dog, I would love if you could show them this information.

She is extremely smart and teachable*. Fetches. Happy chilling at home, on a leash, or off leash hiking. Stays close while hiking off leash, never wanders off. Won’t wander off if she gets out of the house, she just stays in the yard. Loyal as they come once she bonds to you, which can take some time. Aloof around strangers, lets them pet her, but isn’t sure she likes people until she knows them. Fully vaccinated. Has a bladder of steel. Had a grand total of 1 accident in the house, when she was a 3 month old puppy right after I adopted her. Never chews. She’s as patient as they come with me and my husband. She will let us put her in a child swing (picture included). Hold her like a baby. Dress her up. She is a live burglar alarm. She will bark when someone comes to the door, but stop barking once you let the person in. 6 years old, still peppy and is in great shape, but won’t pester you if you don’t feel like taking her out that day. Non food aggressive, she lets our other dog steal her bone all the time and the cat eats her food without her being the least bit bothered. She will be your best friend. She loves just hanging out with her person, laying at their feet. Good with cats and other dogs. She will chase cats, but she won’t hurt them when she catches up. In fact, my cat smacks her right in the nose claws out and she’ll snap at him, but never has hurt him. 

I think she would be an ideal dog for a single person or couple without kids. She is really the perfect dog in my eyes except where little kids are concerned, in this one area she is not totally trustworthy. This is the one and only reason why I’m finding her a new home, I’ve got a baby about to start crawling and I can’t take the chance I will turn my head for a moment and regret it for the rest of my life, miniscule as that chance is. Sadie has never bitten. The thing that is concerning, is when she is approached when she is hiding under a table, she will growl at kids. Never tested this to see if it would turn into a snap or a bite, it’s quite possible she wouldn’t actually bite. Another concern is she’s got a set of house rules and she expects everyone to follow them (except for her owners, unfortunately she doesn’t perceive my baby as her owner). The main one being, no hurting the house. This is cute when the cat scratches the couch and she lunges and snaps at him to keep him from hurting the house. Not cute when the baby is on the floor, thumps her feet, and Sadie lunges at the baby to keep her in line. 

She weighs about 50 pounds. My best guess is she is mainly lab and border collie, with a dash of chow, and a lot of who knows what.

* Her funniest trick is at the park, I’ll say, go on down the slide and she’ll run up the steps, around the path to the slide and go on down. She knows sit, down, commando crawl, stand, beg, up on her hind legs, turns a circle, puts her head down between her front paws on command when laying down, falls over sideways when you say bang, comes, stays, gets back (when getting to far ahead on a walk), goes (when eating I ask her to go, and she will go out her doggie door and sit outside waiting). This training was all mostly effortless, she learns tricks quickly and likes to learn and perform them.



  1. I think I'm still in denial about sad. I agree that it's a good idea to start looking for a home before you're desperate.

  2. That's a good write up. She's a smart dog, and a good pet for someone, I think.

  3. Aw, it's sad to give her up. I'm sorry I can't take her. She looks like a great dog.


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