Redpine Lake Fail

Tim and I tried to hike to Red Pine Lake over the weekend. It's 3 miles to the lake, but 2,000 feet elevation in that 3 miles. When we were about a half mile from the lake we ran into snow. Not just patches, but the whole trail was snow. If it was just us we could've headed up no problem, but because Tim had Zoey on his back we both thought it would be smarter to just do the hike again in a few weeks. I'm glad we decided that because the way down took was very slow trying not to slip. Steep, snow covered, and baby don't mix.

Here's a picture from an overlook that's probably 1.5 miles up or so. Munchies was snoozing away.


  1. Definitely a good idea to wait until the trail isn't slippery.
    Zoey looks like she's getting a comfortable nap in her "suitcase".

  2. You should lemme know when you guys attempt it again, I'd love to tag along since there's no chance of me convincing ryan to try this one...


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