Jul 31, 2010

Jul 30, 2010


Munchies has been having some trouble sleeping her standard 9-11 hours straight at night for the past month or two. She has been waking up more often. What used to be a 10 second wake up soothed easily back to sleep with a hand on her cheek is now sometimes a half hour of crying, even with my hand on her cheek, that has been resulting in my feeding her in the night a few times a week. I kept thinking it was just a phase, but now, over a month into it, and with it getting steadily worse, I've been forced to admit it might not resolve itself without some changes. I don't mind waking up and feeding her now, in fact those sweet moments where I pick her up and she instantly settles into nursing so peacefully are some of my favorites. I know I can't let it go on forever though.

After some reading on the topic and a call to the pediatrician I've learned this is fairly common at her age. Sometimes it's teething, but with her I don't think that's the case. Apparently, babies around this age just start waking up more often in the night, some unknown part of their mental development. All she knows about getting to sleep is she gets snuggled and nurses and drifts off. Or, she's in the car or backpack and drifts off. She hasn't ever learned to drift off on her own in a crib. So, it makes sense that when she wakes up and doesn't know how to get back to sleep she would feel tired and upset. My first plan is to try getting her to take naps in her crib, putting herself to sleep. Currently, I'll see she's tired, nurse, and she falls asleep. Her naps are rarely at times where she actually does need to nurse. My first step is nurse until she's drowsy, but not asleep. Put her in her crib, let her fall asleep on her own, offering her my hand and voice as comfort. I just got done trying this out for the first time, and it did take a good 20-30 minutes for her to finally fall asleep. She cried a little, but not hard. Mainly it just took some patience. Within the next week or two as she gets more used to remembering falling asleep in the crib instead of nursing I hope she will get faster and more happy with falling asleep in her crib. I would think this would transition her into being able to fall back asleep during the night.

I also must admit... she still sleeps at night in a crib next to me. I've been meaning to have her start sleeping in her own room, but have been putting it off. This is something I'm going to try in the next week also. I think she may wake up less if she doesn't hear Tim and I moving around. I will update our progress soon!

Jul 23, 2010


I finally wrote about Sadie for a flier or online posting. It is so sad to have to find another home for her. I know I need to get posting her information though, because Munchies will be crawling very soon. The longer I have to find her a home the more picky I can be. So, here it is. If you know of anyone without kids who wants a great dog, I would love if you could show them this information.

She is extremely smart and teachable*. Fetches. Happy chilling at home, on a leash, or off leash hiking. Stays close while hiking off leash, never wanders off. Won’t wander off if she gets out of the house, she just stays in the yard. Loyal as they come once she bonds to you, which can take some time. Aloof around strangers, lets them pet her, but isn’t sure she likes people until she knows them. Fully vaccinated. Has a bladder of steel. Had a grand total of 1 accident in the house, when she was a 3 month old puppy right after I adopted her. Never chews. She’s as patient as they come with me and my husband. She will let us put her in a child swing (picture included). Hold her like a baby. Dress her up. She is a live burglar alarm. She will bark when someone comes to the door, but stop barking once you let the person in. 6 years old, still peppy and is in great shape, but won’t pester you if you don’t feel like taking her out that day. Non food aggressive, she lets our other dog steal her bone all the time and the cat eats her food without her being the least bit bothered. She will be your best friend. She loves just hanging out with her person, laying at their feet. Good with cats and other dogs. She will chase cats, but she won’t hurt them when she catches up. In fact, my cat smacks her right in the nose claws out and she’ll snap at him, but never has hurt him. 

I think she would be an ideal dog for a single person or couple without kids. She is really the perfect dog in my eyes except where little kids are concerned, in this one area she is not totally trustworthy. This is the one and only reason why I’m finding her a new home, I’ve got a baby about to start crawling and I can’t take the chance I will turn my head for a moment and regret it for the rest of my life, miniscule as that chance is. Sadie has never bitten. The thing that is concerning, is when she is approached when she is hiding under a table, she will growl at kids. Never tested this to see if it would turn into a snap or a bite, it’s quite possible she wouldn’t actually bite. Another concern is she’s got a set of house rules and she expects everyone to follow them (except for her owners, unfortunately she doesn’t perceive my baby as her owner). The main one being, no hurting the house. This is cute when the cat scratches the couch and she lunges and snaps at him to keep him from hurting the house. Not cute when the baby is on the floor, thumps her feet, and Sadie lunges at the baby to keep her in line. 

She weighs about 50 pounds. My best guess is she is mainly lab and border collie, with a dash of chow, and a lot of who knows what.

* Her funniest trick is at the park, I’ll say, go on down the slide and she’ll run up the steps, around the path to the slide and go on down. She knows sit, down, commando crawl, stand, beg, up on her hind legs, turns a circle, puts her head down between her front paws on command when laying down, falls over sideways when you say bang, comes, stays, gets back (when getting to far ahead on a walk), goes (when eating I ask her to go, and she will go out her doggie door and sit outside waiting). This training was all mostly effortless, she learns tricks quickly and likes to learn and perform them.


Jul 22, 2010

Munchies and Daddy

I love this picture.

Jul 19, 2010

Twin Lakes and Pass

Twin Lakes Hike by jimmeh33 at Garmin Connect - Details

Tim just realized we can link from my blog to his garmin watch site to show the exact stats of the hike for anyone interested.

Laura, her husband Ryan and of course their baby man accompanied us on this hike. I've hiked from Brighton to Silver Lake (which you can see from the parking lot) toward Lake Solitude before, and the hike was very nice and shady. I assumed since the hike to Twin Lakes starts from Silver Lake too that it would also be shady. Not so. The hike was along open ski runs and there was hardly any shade.

It was also super popular, which I don't find as fun as a more isolated hike.

Twin Lakes was pretty though. And Laura has a nice genuine smile here, I think we can all agree.

When we got there we had this conversation:

Laura: I might need to feed Locke here.

Me: Well, it looks like the area over there next to the lake is nice and shady, you could duck in there.

Laura: Yeah... but I just saw another couple with a baby go that way. That would be awkward.

Tim: Didn't you know this is where all the women come to nurse babies?

Laura: Oh, yeah, maybe that's what that sign is about.

 Me: Oh, of course! No nursing underwater! Makes total sense.

Tim coached her into this shnazzy pose, which I think is a Tim fail. He specifically told her to look sour. Well, now when she's 80 and spends all her time maintaining her yard she knows what expression to use when she yells at the kids to get off of her lawn.

Hmm.. come to think of it, I think a woman actually did that to me frequently on my walk home from elementary school. I think there was no sidewalk, so it was either walk in the street or else on the edge of people's lawns. Maybe my mom remembers this?

Later on the hike Tim and Laura had this conversation:

Laura: Bugs love me. I always end up with a million bug bites. It's because I have delicious tasting blood.

Tim: Well, that or it tastes like garbage...

Laura: Huh. I guess it's true bugs to like poop and garbage a lot.

Here are Tim and Ryan above Twin Lakes. (You'll notice they've merged. There's a dam now, so it's just one reservoir.)

Up top. Tim caught me mid putting my  hands on my hips.

I'm posting this because I think my expression is nice.

Here's Tim snowboarding to the pass:

Jul 17, 2010

Spicing up the hiking blogs, and Ferguson Canyon

I know these hiking blogs are probably pretty boring to most people. I decided what I've got to do is spice them up a little. I was thinking of including the most interesting/funny conversation topic from each hike. I'm not sure if I want to do it dialogue style, or just sum it up. Laura voted for dialogue style, even if I end up making up most of the dialogue for comedy purposes.

Wednesday's hike was Ferguson Canyon. It's a nice meeting spot for a quick hike because you don't have to drive up a canyon. It's just a hop skip and a jump from Wasatch Boulevard. The bad thing about it from the standpoint of carrying babies is after about half an hour of hiking you hit a ridiculously steep section. It's straight up with no switchbacks and it's situated in such a way as you can't traverse. Laura and I have hiked some possibly inadvisable steep places in trails with our babies, but we both thought no way the moment we saw this.

It's nice and green. Notice how casual I look.

Okay, let's try this spicing it up thing.

Me: Tell me why it is again that you refuse to smile showing your teeth in pictures?

Laura: (groaning) Ugh, well, it's just that it's always a disaster. (Okay, being honest I've already forgotten her faulty reasoning. Something to do with how it doesn't work for some reason and her dad's smile.)

Me: Well, you should know, people are starting to notice and ask questions. Tim being people. We had a brief conversation in which he asked why you're never showing her teeth and I said, I forgot I'll ask her.*

Laura: I have been thinking lately that I need to give the whole smiling thing a try.

Me: I handed Laura my camera, she took a picture. It looked like this:

She felt like she needed a do over. It looked like this:

Both pictures looked like good progress to me, but Tim shot them down, stating that opening your mouth widely is not smiling. What a harsh critic. However, He declared this one a success:

She outdid herself here. A new door has opened for her photography wise. Look for new and exciting expressions in our next hike's pictures.

* Tim reminded me that he didn't notice any such thing. Apparently, I was looking through pictures and muttering about how Laura never really smiles, and he said, "Huh, I guess that's true. Why is that?"

Jul 15, 2010

Cloth Diapering

I'm giving it a go. Laura has been cloth diapering, and she was able to tell me which type of diapers would be good to go with. She tried name brands and also some cheapies off ebay made in China. She assumed the cheapies wouldn't work as well, but instead she found they were just as good. I bought a package of 10 shells and 20 inserts to start. They're one size fits all with lots of snaps to adjust. I still use disposables overnight and on the go. The amount I bought got me through about 4 days and I hadn't even used all of the inserts. I'm thinking the cloth will be quite a savings. The only question mark is weather only laundering them once every 5-6 days or so will keep them smelling ok. Laura tells me claims on the www are that they will end up smelling like a zoo. You're supposed to wash them every 2-3 days. I don't want to have to spend the extra effort or utilities to do that though. I'm just going to throw them in with all my other clothes when I normally would do laundry. I'll let ya know how that goes.

Jul 14, 2010

Alexander Basin

Laura, Monica, and I met up to hike up to Dog Lake. The parking lot was full, which isn’t too rare, but the parking lot below it was full too. We decided to just head down the canyon a bit and hike to Alexander Basin instead. That hike was quite a work out carrying Munchies. I was convinced it was at least 2 miles each way and 2,000 feet elevation. It’s really only 3 miles round trip and a 1640 foot elevation gain. It really felt like more. Dog Lake is 4 miles round trip the way I usually go and 1520 elevation gain, but this felt so much harder.

The basin was as pretty as I remembered it. Not too much further and you can hike through and hike Gobbler’s Knob, which Tim and I did a couple of years ago.

Jul 13, 2010

Lake Mary and Lake Martha

Laura and I met at the Brighton parking lot up Big Cottonwood Canyon to hike up to Lake Mary. It’s just one mile and a 760 foot elevation gain.

From there you can hike up to Lake Martha.

We meant to hike to Lake Katherine, but after getting back and consulting my hiking book I see we hiked to Lake Martha instead. Guess this needs to be a do over. I really need to do it again anyway, because I’d like to hike into Albion Basin from Brighton, but the trail was covered with snow still in a few places that were very steep off to one side, not a good idea carrying babies.

Jul 12, 2010

Attempt at a Thaynes Canyon-Desolation Loop Hike

I wanted to do a loop hike I've done before from the Desolation trailhead up Millcreek Canyon. Shortly after you start up the desolation trail it branches east into Thaynes Canyon. You can take that up 1.5 miles and 2,000 feet until you hit the desolation trail which has wrapped around west and then back east to meet up with the Thaynes Canyon trail. Along the way you pass a spring coming straight out of the mountain. Unfortunately Laura and I couldn't find the turnoff back onto Desolation trail. It was really steep too which made it tough carrying babies. After bushwhacking a bit trying to find the right trail we decided to bag it and go back the way we came. The loop is better though, because it’s 3 miles back, so half as steep. Also, you pass a beautiful city overlook. Tim claims to know how to find the route for this loop, so I'm going to need to return with him and figure out the right way to do it.

I love all this greenery above the trail off of the Thaynes Canyon trail, or below the trail if you take the Desolation portion. This is where Tim and I had my dad take our engagement pictures.

Jul 11, 2010

Dog Lake

Dog Lake is a classic that we do multiple times per year up Millcreek Canyon. The destination isn't very glorious, it's more like a large mud puddle. But, the hike up is very pretty and just the right length for a quick hike that'll still give you a workout. More importantly on odd days dogs can be off leash and fetch in the lake to their hearts' content. It's 6 miles round trip if you go the long route, which starts on the south side of the big water parking lot. The steeper route starts on the east side of the same parking lot, and is only about 4-4.5 miles round trip. Elevation gain is 1520 feet either way. We went with our friend April's mom, it was a good time.

Jul 7, 2010

Seven Months Old


She's figured out the path to get objects into her mouth from her hand. If I give her a pretzel she pops it right into her mouth, she's learned they're tasty. On the other hand, if I give her a spoon she usually refuses it, baby food is not tasty. I'm thinking I may just end up breast feeding until she learns to feed herself finger foods and is capable of eating them. It doesn't seem like she's got much interest in spoon fed baby food and I figure why bother if she doesn't like it. Breast feeding exclusively up until a year is as good if not better than introducing other foods sooner anyway. I'll let her taste what I'm eating if it's safe and when she's ready for more she'll let me know.

I've discovered more things that make her giggle. Swinging in her swing outside, puckering your lips at her and zooming in slowly for a kiss.

She's recently started shrieking. Sometimes with joy, sometimes when she's upset. She blows raspberries when she's feeling impatient, loudly enough that I can't hold a conversation.

She seems to like being in the backpack, which means my hope of doing lots of hiking with her this summer is going to work out just fine.

She did a lot of hiking this month.

No crawling yet, but she is often 180 degrees turned within a couple of minutes when I lay her down.

She doesn't seem to have stranger anxiety in general, but she dislikes being picked up without the person getting to know her a little at first. She screams.

She's getting better and better at sitting by herself. She can do it for quite awhile now.

Her MSPI is just as bad as ever. After a month of following my diet perfectly I tried eggs since they're often ok for MSPI babies and they weren't okay for her. More blood in her poop and last night was night 4 of her waking up multiple times during the night.

She got to see my parents a couple of times this past month. She and grandpa played with his compass. It was a good time. It seems grandma avoided pictures again this time. Devious of her. I'll have to get some of her with Munchies next time.

Jul 1, 2010

Redpine Lake Fail

Tim and I tried to hike to Red Pine Lake over the weekend. It's 3 miles to the lake, but 2,000 feet elevation in that 3 miles. When we were about a half mile from the lake we ran into snow. Not just patches, but the whole trail was snow. If it was just us we could've headed up no problem, but because Tim had Zoey on his back we both thought it would be smarter to just do the hike again in a few weeks. I'm glad we decided that because the way down took was very slow trying not to slip. Steep, snow covered, and baby don't mix.

Here's a picture from an overlook that's probably 1.5 miles up or so. Munchies was snoozing away.

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