I took a yoga class in college that didn't give me the greatest impression of yoga. It was relaxing, but I just don't have the time. I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of quiet introspection, which is the whole point of yoga for many people I think. I do like the feeling of working out being mine and I always get some thinking done while I'm at it, but I also like to be sweating and exhausted by the time I'm done.

I can't remember what made me think of it, but I randomly thought I would try some yoga moves from youtube the other day. They seemed like they might be able to meet my work out criteria. I got some yoga dvds from the library, carefully steering clear of beginning yoga, and found that one of them was quite a good workout. That boat move is quite a challenge. First you do this for awhile:

Then you slowly lower your head and feet down, come back up, do some fancy moves with your legs and slowly lower head and feet down again. On the second slow lowering I just collapsed in a puddle of shaky muscles.

Zoey seemed to enjoy watching me exhaust myself. She was interested in watching me try the different positions and watching the video alternately.

I requested a bunch of other dvds from the library and I'll probably try to come up with my own routine without any slow spots. I'm picturing doing yoga the mornings I don't jog out on my back deck where it's shady before noon.

The only negative thing is that I got a headache the first day after I did yoga and though that was days ago it's still going. I'm thinking it's that downward dog making all the pressure rush to my head and not being used to that. I hope it resolves soon. See, can you see a headache forming here?


  1. Ooo I'm excited to try this

  2. Yes, this does look like a headache waiting to happen. Maybe you should stick to the exercises in an upright position!

  3. Yep, be here or be square! It's every bit as thrilling as you're imagining.

    Mama, I'm hoping once I've done the position a bit my body'll get used to it. Hope so. Cuz' a lot of yoga positions put your head below your body.

  4. Rad! I've got my very own Yoga instructor, Mr. Bugglesworth. Yep...he's STILL at the Yoga poses! Maybe that's why he's such a strong li'l tyke.

  5. I've done yoga for more than 25 years, so good for you for trying to find a yoga workout that challenges you. Sorry to hear of the headache, never happened to me, but I would just start with minimum time in down dog and build up slowly. And there are a lot of standing poses which are plenty difficult, along with plank pose and crocodile pose--a killer pose! There are classes for pregnant women--probably videos too! A great wintertime workout indoors--helps align the muscles and bones properly if done correctly following Iyengar style directions. Or Anusara Yoga--Roy and I took classes from the founder in Houston for years.


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