Porter Fork

I'm late on this one. We walked up Porter's Fork weeks ago. Still, I wanted to post about it because it's beautiful up there. It's up Millcreek Canyon. I met up with Laura and with a friend who I met in my natural birth class. This is a perfect walk for early summer because it's snow free even early. It's also paved for a couple of miles, which means I can get a good workout with the stroller if I don't want to wear the bjorn. It's already getting too hot for this one. Fortunately, the avalanche gate up Millcreek opens July 1st. This means you can drive further up the canyon and access all the trails up higher which are cooler during the summer. Millcreek is the only nearby canyon you can get high enough in to beat the heat which also allows dogs. It gets a lot of traffic from us.


  1. The trail looks wonderfully green and cool with the stream right beside it. You've got a lot of great places to take Munchiekins hiking.

  2. ha, I love how this picture accentuates the dimples in zoeys thighs. so cute.


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