New Blog Design

I just spent much longer than it should have taken making a new template. You'll notice the bottom is all screwed up. The green lines don't line up. I tried moving the bottom 1 pixel each way, it's off either direction. I'm not sure if it's even possible to move by the half pixel, so this is going to have to do. Also the side lines continue on past where they're supposed to. Don't know how to fix it. Oh well. But, on to more important things, like tigers. Notice the tigers? I'm pretty excited about them. A tiger for each family member.


  1. Love the tigers! Who cares about the lines.

  2. I can't tell anything is wrong with the lines. Really like the bamboo design.
    The tigers are very cute - but I wish they were at the top because I wouldn't have scrolled to the bottom to find them if you hadn't specifically directed me to...

  3. I fixed the lines... partly. It's better anyway.

    Yes, I would rather the tigers be at the top, but there really wasn't anywhere to put them the way I designed it. Maybe next time I'll make the tigers the header somehow.

  4. Very impressive! I love it.


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