Jun 23, 2010


Munchies really likes this game. Tim's phone interrupted it a little, but at least it had the decency to play a good song.


  1. I kept wondering if she was going to fall out of the chair looking for you. That was a way cute interlude.

  2. I checked the special box, because I believe your dancing skills are special indeed!

  3. That's so cute! I wish more adults could be so easily amused. Also, I saw the hiking pictures you recently took, and I think Zoey's white floppy hat is so adorable on her!

  4. She's certainly a happy girl. Her laughter is contagious. Hope she didn't fall out of the chair at the end!

  5. Glad you guys enjoyed the dancing interlude. Yep, I'm pretty talented.

    Thanks Monica. That was the widest hat brim I could find. It looks kinda ridiculous, but it does a great job of protecting her from the sun. :)

    She didn't fall out. She's got a little room to spare before she would. Not that I don't watch her just in case.


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