Hiking with the Rents

We met up with my parents near Heber for some Sunday hiking. They hadn't seen Munchies for a couple of months. It seems my mom dodged being in any pictures, but here's one with my dad.

They brought not one but two baby backpacks for us. They had them on hand from when my brother's kids visited. I've been needing one because my baby bjorn front carrier doesn't have a hip belt so my shoulders get really tired after a pathetically short period of time. Tim carried the backpack, but I tested it out at home and it seems like I will have a much easier time with it than the bjorn hiking. Laura and I will test this later this week.

Here's Tim with Munchies after getting her in the pack.

And sportin' the pack. I was able to rig it up so Munchies was totally shaded. I also slathered her with sunscreen. What can I say, I'm paranoid. This is why her face looks white in pasty in places, excessive amounts of sunscreen.

The area where we met was beautiful. It looked like this where we ended our hike:

The temperature was ideal for hiking. Munchies cried some when we got started hiking, still not sure if she was just hungry or didn't like the new backpack set up at first. After I fed her she was happy for the rest of the hike.

When we got back to the cars we had some time left, so we set up some chairs and sat around talking and eating pistachios.

Grandpa got some bonding time with Munchies. Too bad no one thought  to take a picture the first 20  minutes he had her thrilled. He would get up in her face and say, "boo!" and she would grin and shyly bury her face in my neck. Repeat about 20 times. Fun stuff. She was getting tired by the time this was taken:

I had a lot of fun and hopefully we can meet up for hikes at least every couple of weeks during the summer. Exercise, being outdoors, and spending time with family, it's a recipe for a good time.


  1. Those pictures turned out great. Too bad none of grandma meier and that Steve was caught in a picture with a sad baby. Bad timing I guess. The camera and photographer are just swell though.

  2. Yep, it was a fun time. We will definitely have to do it again soon.

  3. Oh she is SUCH a cutie!! I love her smile. Looks like the hiking was really fun...and beautiful! Your papa looks really great!

  4. Too bad Heber's so far away...that hike looks gorgeous. And little zoey looked adorable as usual. Yup, yup. I agree with your recipe, it's a good one.

  5. Yes, definitely a swell camera and photographer. Makes me realize our camera is a bit lacking.

    Thanks Darleen. :)

    Laura, it was gorgeous. But, the cottonwood canyons are too. It's going to be fun to explore those even though the pups can't come.


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