Greens Basin

Laura and I met up a couple of times to hike in the past week. We're thinking of trying to meet up a couple times a week for the whole summer for hiking, plus I'll surely drag Tim out every weekend for a hike. In short, this is going to be the best summer ever.

The trail was gorgeous. Oh, and btw, that is not my stomach hanging in a huge fold over my backpack belt. Laura warned me it would possibly appear so to many.

Here's the meadow we hiked to.

When we entered it I thought, this looks like a great place for a moose, and I even told laura so. She in turn confided that she has just at that moment been feeling like it was a great place for a murderer or rapist. We were both looking around like Meerkats for a few minutes there. I started clapping and talking loudly.

Those precautions over, I proceeded to take some pictures.

Laura was very suspicious about the whole thing. I'm not sure why, but she felt that the pictures might be used for fowl play or for a prank.

By the time we passed through the meadow and started into the woods on the other side we had both relaxed. That's when I looked up and saw an enormous moose standing up at the sight of us. He was truly a stunning specimen, although I would have preferred to be further than 30 feet from him.

I shrieked and grabbed Laura's hand to get us out of there. She initially assumed I'd seen a bee, but when the moose stood up to his full height he was hard to miss. She had the foresight to suggest that we keep to the trees. It's a good thing I wasn't alone and he didn't decide to charge because I would have gone running down the center of the meadow like an idiot. At least I assume so since I hadn't thought to get near the trees at the time she suggested it. He never moved toward us though so after a bit I started feeling a tiny bit safer. I then realized I was still clutching Laura's hand. I told her I was sorry, but I would not be able to let go at that moment. I think she suspected that I was trying to make a move on her, but she went along with it. Pretty soon I was able to let go, but my heart was still pounding for awhile. I prefer not to be trampled violently by a moose just yet.

On the way down the trail we noticed moose prints everywhere. Not real observant on the way up. Guess that's the downside to good conversation. Then Laura shrieked and I naturally assumed she'd seen a moose, but it was a bug. I should tell you though, she said it was big and juicy and splatted itself right onto her lips, so I think shrieking may have really been appropriate.

We warned a man on the trail about the moose and he was very nonchalant about it saying, "Oh yeah, I see them every time i come up here, I even saw some fighting the other day. It was really cool." Not sure if I'm going to want to frequent the trail for this reason. Even though it was absolutely stunning. Maybe if we bring our guys.


  1. Funny that you shrieked about the moose (appropriate) and Laura shrieked about a bug (also appropriate), but there is a huge size differential...
    Fowl play? Do you have something going with chickens or ducks? Or did you mean foul, as I suspect.
    The photos are great. It's really a beautiful area.

  2. Ha, yessssss... something very suspicious was going on with chickens and ducks. I will log this spelling lesson into the data banks for next time. :)

  3. lol fowl play. I didn't even notice. But coincidentally, that's the exact type of play I was suspicious of at the time. Damnable chickens...That was a pretty epic hike. I hope our future hikes are as awesome. You know, assuming we don't actually get trampled/gored by huge animals OR poisoned by giant bugs splatting into our mouths. It was a legitimate threat I'm telling you.

  4. Momma meece are far more dangerous than Papas. And cows usually scram pretty fast with their calves if you were raising hell trying to scare off meerkats... I guess the bulls don't care much about your scary clapping. Anyway, sounds like fun planned indeed!

  5. Awesome! I must say that I'm super-jealous of yours & some other friends' hikes this summer. Dammit! I need to remedy this!


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