Drinking Water

Munchies loves to drink water like mom and dad. If I'm holding her when I drink water she always wants a taste.


  1. Yum, that water is good stuff.
    Or, maybe not. Munchiekins seems to want to find out what the attraction is, but she can't quite figure it out...

  2. I'm pretty sure she still thinks it's some sort of game you guys are playing and that it's got no practical purpose. So cute.

  3. I think she is more interested in gumming the glass. Teeth coming in? Of course, no matter what she is doing, it's cute!

  4. Seriously I NEED to eat her cheeks!

  5. True, she doesn't actually swallow much. She loves fake drinking though. Much more than fake eating, which would involve disgusting FOOD in her mouth.

    She should be getting teeth soon, I can't see any yet though.

    Sammy, I know how you feel. It can be tough to resist. :)


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