Okay, so I would like to officially complain about snow cones. Why did the person creating the syrup add soy oil?? In a snow cone?? It doesn't make any sense. It's like the 40th ingredient. It's useless. And it forbids me from having one all summer. Oh, woe is me! These days are gone. At least unless I can find a type that doesn't include soy oil. It's crazy how sensitive Zoey is to it. One time accidentally using a cooking spray with soy oil in it and she bled for almost a week. Don't snow cone syrup chefs know about soy intolerance? Really people. Get it together.


  1. Hmm, maybe you could get one of those cheap little snow cone machines and make your own. Better than nothing. Or just get the ice at the snow cone place and bring your own syrup? Surely there's some way to get around this travesty.

  2. Darn those soy-in-sno-cone-putting scoundrels!

  3. LAAAAAAME. Sno Cones are one of THE very best things about summer-time. >:(


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