6 Months

Munchies is a whole half year old now. She just had her 6 month doctor's appointment yesterday, and I found out that her weight is now in the 11th percentile after having dropped down to the 4th due to her MSPI. I already knew she was gaining weight well, because she's developed some adorable chubby thighs as of late. In fact, I have to take care to clean in her thigh fold lest it get disgusting in there. Still, it was nice to see that she is officially back around where she was at month 2. The pediatrician commented that Munchies is much more social and observant than most babies her age, and predicted that she'll talk early.

She is a huge fan of the keyboard. I decided she needed her own. It's been a hit.

This month she's developed a distinct interest in food and beverage. She watches intently while I eat or drink. Just lately she's started reaching out with lightning speed to pull the edges of glasses and bowls up to her mouth. Once she's got them in place she's not quite sure what to do with them. We've been giving her sips of water and I'm not sure she actually swallows any, but she has learned quickly to like the practice. I can't drink water now without sharing, the moment she sees the glass she either grabs it herself or else opens her mouth hopefully if it isn't quite in reach. Yesterday we tried giving her some solid foods. It was pretty much a bomb. First we tried smashed up bananas. She almost threw up. She actually dry heaved. Here's the video for you. My blog isn't wide enough, so if you want to see my oh so clever captions you have to watch it on youtube:

She hated applesauce too. Looks like she's gearing up to be a picky eater like mama.

She loves the pets more than anything else. The minute one of them comes close she squeals with delight. If they're close enough she reaches out to feel their fur. The dogs are the only consistent thing to make her giggle so far. She's always laughing when she sees them.

Here she is chillin' with daddy.

She loves being outside and being in new places. Going to the grocery store is always happy times for her.

Her sleeping is the same, 9-11 hours per night. Although we had some 6 hour nights here and there for awhile until I figured out that I wasn't getting enough fat in my diet to keep her full overnight. Once I added in some oil (canola or olive of course) she went back to sleeping longer again. Napping is still erratic.

She flips over onto her tummy all the time, but she gets stuck and either falls asleep or gets upset that she's stuck.

Here she is snoozing away on the boppy pillow after a meal.

She's got quite a grip these days. She's always gripping my neck or arm skin and holding on tightly. It's kind of painful, but funny too.

She loves when I disappear and pop up saying "Peekaboo!" in a very high pitched voice.

She sits unassisted for brief periods of time. Quite awhile if she's on the bed where she sinks in a bit for support.

I've been getting out on lots of walks with her in bob, and looking forward to getting out on hikes soon too as the snow melts and as soon as I get the baby back pack my parents have. I'm also working on getting up earlier so that I can go jogging early before she wakes up when it gets hot. I can't express how thrilled I am that summer is here. Ahhh. My favorite season.


  1. In the photo of baby and Tim, they have identical expressions. Pretty funny.
    In the pic of her sleeping, I see those chubby thighs!
    I like the photo along the creek. Such pretty scenery.
    And of course the video is priceless. No bananas for that girl!

  2. I had some difficulty with Amber and solid food. A suggestion is rice cereal mixed with breast milk. I think for her first yum yum experience though it was cream cheese frosting. My mother-in-law gave her a little bite and she instantly reached for more. As careful as you have to be with Zoey you probably won't try that one. The video cracked me up!

  3. PS Right away I could tell that kid was going to be smart. You'll have your work cut out for you.

  4. yeah, I'm not surprised at all by what your ped said either. She's always seemed unusually alert and bright eyed. But so far I haven't seen too many examples of the down sides to too much intelligence, like being really restless and getting upset and bored if there aren't enough things around to entertain her. I think you've got some sort of roly poly phenomenon on your hands...lol she looked so cute eating the bananas. She was a pretty good sport about it but I agree that those may not be her favorite what with the dry heaving and all. oh and the new couches look great. :)

  5. I didn't even notice that the expressions were identical, that's funny.

    Thanks for the idea MM. I wouldn't mind giving her yummy stuff, just as long as it's dairy free that is.

    She does get restless and bored, but usually not for a little bit. And thanks, the couches are really working out well. It is SOOO nice not to have to worry about pet hair all over them constantly.

  6. I love that video. Every time I hear Tim laugh, I bust out laughing. The Munchie is adorable, and I'm so glad all is well with you guys. I would love to go running with you anytime. I am a beginner though, so you might possibly want to punch me after I pass out. My number 801-638-7808

  7. Awesome! You guys are soooo cute! I couldn't watch the video as I'm at work at the moment & streaming media is blocked (*shaking fist at the heavens*), but I can't wait to watch it at home. :)

  8. Alexis, this one is probably worth a watch. Well, if a dry heaving baby sounds funny to you. I still crack up every time I see it.


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