Jun 29, 2010

Porter Fork

I'm late on this one. We walked up Porter's Fork weeks ago. Still, I wanted to post about it because it's beautiful up there. It's up Millcreek Canyon. I met up with Laura and with a friend who I met in my natural birth class. This is a perfect walk for early summer because it's snow free even early. It's also paved for a couple of miles, which means I can get a good workout with the stroller if I don't want to wear the bjorn. It's already getting too hot for this one. Fortunately, the avalanche gate up Millcreek opens July 1st. This means you can drive further up the canyon and access all the trails up higher which are cooler during the summer. Millcreek is the only nearby canyon you can get high enough in to beat the heat which also allows dogs. It gets a lot of traffic from us.

Jun 27, 2010

Greens Basin

Laura and I met up a couple of times to hike in the past week. We're thinking of trying to meet up a couple times a week for the whole summer for hiking, plus I'll surely drag Tim out every weekend for a hike. In short, this is going to be the best summer ever.

The trail was gorgeous. Oh, and btw, that is not my stomach hanging in a huge fold over my backpack belt. Laura warned me it would possibly appear so to many.

Here's the meadow we hiked to.

When we entered it I thought, this looks like a great place for a moose, and I even told laura so. She in turn confided that she has just at that moment been feeling like it was a great place for a murderer or rapist. We were both looking around like Meerkats for a few minutes there. I started clapping and talking loudly.

Those precautions over, I proceeded to take some pictures.

Laura was very suspicious about the whole thing. I'm not sure why, but she felt that the pictures might be used for fowl play or for a prank.

By the time we passed through the meadow and started into the woods on the other side we had both relaxed. That's when I looked up and saw an enormous moose standing up at the sight of us. He was truly a stunning specimen, although I would have preferred to be further than 30 feet from him.

I shrieked and grabbed Laura's hand to get us out of there. She initially assumed I'd seen a bee, but when the moose stood up to his full height he was hard to miss. She had the foresight to suggest that we keep to the trees. It's a good thing I wasn't alone and he didn't decide to charge because I would have gone running down the center of the meadow like an idiot. At least I assume so since I hadn't thought to get near the trees at the time she suggested it. He never moved toward us though so after a bit I started feeling a tiny bit safer. I then realized I was still clutching Laura's hand. I told her I was sorry, but I would not be able to let go at that moment. I think she suspected that I was trying to make a move on her, but she went along with it. Pretty soon I was able to let go, but my heart was still pounding for awhile. I prefer not to be trampled violently by a moose just yet.

On the way down the trail we noticed moose prints everywhere. Not real observant on the way up. Guess that's the downside to good conversation. Then Laura shrieked and I naturally assumed she'd seen a moose, but it was a bug. I should tell you though, she said it was big and juicy and splatted itself right onto her lips, so I think shrieking may have really been appropriate.

We warned a man on the trail about the moose and he was very nonchalant about it saying, "Oh yeah, I see them every time i come up here, I even saw some fighting the other day. It was really cool." Not sure if I'm going to want to frequent the trail for this reason. Even though it was absolutely stunning. Maybe if we bring our guys.

Jun 24, 2010

Drinking Water

Munchies loves to drink water like mom and dad. If I'm holding her when I drink water she always wants a taste.

Jun 23, 2010


Munchies really likes this game. Tim's phone interrupted it a little, but at least it had the decency to play a good song.

Jun 22, 2010

Hiking with the Rents

We met up with my parents near Heber for some Sunday hiking. They hadn't seen Munchies for a couple of months. It seems my mom dodged being in any pictures, but here's one with my dad.

They brought not one but two baby backpacks for us. They had them on hand from when my brother's kids visited. I've been needing one because my baby bjorn front carrier doesn't have a hip belt so my shoulders get really tired after a pathetically short period of time. Tim carried the backpack, but I tested it out at home and it seems like I will have a much easier time with it than the bjorn hiking. Laura and I will test this later this week.

Here's Tim with Munchies after getting her in the pack.

And sportin' the pack. I was able to rig it up so Munchies was totally shaded. I also slathered her with sunscreen. What can I say, I'm paranoid. This is why her face looks white in pasty in places, excessive amounts of sunscreen.

The area where we met was beautiful. It looked like this where we ended our hike:

The temperature was ideal for hiking. Munchies cried some when we got started hiking, still not sure if she was just hungry or didn't like the new backpack set up at first. After I fed her she was happy for the rest of the hike.

When we got back to the cars we had some time left, so we set up some chairs and sat around talking and eating pistachios.

Grandpa got some bonding time with Munchies. Too bad no one thought  to take a picture the first 20  minutes he had her thrilled. He would get up in her face and say, "boo!" and she would grin and shyly bury her face in my neck. Repeat about 20 times. Fun stuff. She was getting tired by the time this was taken:

I had a lot of fun and hopefully we can meet up for hikes at least every couple of weeks during the summer. Exercise, being outdoors, and spending time with family, it's a recipe for a good time.

Jun 17, 2010

Vaccination Anticipation

I've been splitting Munchie's vaccinations into 3 weeks instead of getting them all at once each time. No way to know if this is actually beneficial, but I figure it could be and I have the time. 6 vaccinations at once just seems like a lot for a tiny body to process.

Today was her second trip for her 6 month vaccinations. The nurse started swabbed her leg and Zoey didn't react, but when she looked over and saw the orange tray the shots are kept on each visit, she started to cry. I'm not really sure what exactly triggered her memory, but the point is, she knew what was coming and she wasn't happy about it. I thought she was too young to anticipate pain that way. It was very sad. In a way cool though, because that seems pretty smart of her. After she calmed down and we left the room several different people saw the big tear hanging on her cheek and commented how sad it was. Poor Munchies.

She hasn't gotten a fever, but she has been acting a little different since her shot. She's been very hyper, babbling and shrieking much more than usual. She hasn't been crying, but she doesn't seem very content either. She's napping now, hopefully she'll wake up happier.

Jun 15, 2010


I took a yoga class in college that didn't give me the greatest impression of yoga. It was relaxing, but I just don't have the time. I have to say, I'm not a huge fan of quiet introspection, which is the whole point of yoga for many people I think. I do like the feeling of working out being mine and I always get some thinking done while I'm at it, but I also like to be sweating and exhausted by the time I'm done.

I can't remember what made me think of it, but I randomly thought I would try some yoga moves from youtube the other day. They seemed like they might be able to meet my work out criteria. I got some yoga dvds from the library, carefully steering clear of beginning yoga, and found that one of them was quite a good workout. That boat move is quite a challenge. First you do this for awhile:

Then you slowly lower your head and feet down, come back up, do some fancy moves with your legs and slowly lower head and feet down again. On the second slow lowering I just collapsed in a puddle of shaky muscles.

Zoey seemed to enjoy watching me exhaust myself. She was interested in watching me try the different positions and watching the video alternately.

I requested a bunch of other dvds from the library and I'll probably try to come up with my own routine without any slow spots. I'm picturing doing yoga the mornings I don't jog out on my back deck where it's shady before noon.

The only negative thing is that I got a headache the first day after I did yoga and though that was days ago it's still going. I'm thinking it's that downward dog making all the pressure rush to my head and not being used to that. I hope it resolves soon. See, can you see a headache forming here?

Jun 11, 2010

A Girl and Five Brave Horses

This is the book on which the movie Wild Hearts Can't be Broken is based. I have loved this movie since I was young and watched it many times. I saw it on TV the other day and was inspired to read online about the real Sonora. I found out that she wrote an autobiography. The library actually didn't have it, interestingly it was just republished within the last year or two and previously copies were very hard to come by, costing over a hundred dollars for a beat up copy. Now, they're available on good old trusty amazon new. I read that the book is much different than the movie. Sonora actually was said to be disappointed by the movie because it was so different.

I thought the book was great. It is a lot different than the movie. Instead of focusing on the love story, the book focuses on the horses. She describes each horses personality and how they're trained. She also described Doc Carver much more than she describes Al. Being a romantic at heart I was curious about Al too, but alas, there isn't much description. She also spends a lot of time describing exactly how she dealt with being blinded. She was just such an inspiring person. I won't tell anything else in case anyone plans to read it, but I'll leave you with the quote she came up with to describe being blind: "Blindness is not so much a tragedy as it is a damn nuisance."

Jun 10, 2010

Woah, Like Cool!

Blogger came up with a cool new template design tool. It gives you a lot of options. And it's much easier than trying to play with HTML yourself when you don't really know it all that well. This way I can change my blog in 15 minutes instead of taking hours. I'm excited.

Jun 9, 2010

6 Months

Munchies is a whole half year old now. She just had her 6 month doctor's appointment yesterday, and I found out that her weight is now in the 11th percentile after having dropped down to the 4th due to her MSPI. I already knew she was gaining weight well, because she's developed some adorable chubby thighs as of late. In fact, I have to take care to clean in her thigh fold lest it get disgusting in there. Still, it was nice to see that she is officially back around where she was at month 2. The pediatrician commented that Munchies is much more social and observant than most babies her age, and predicted that she'll talk early.

She is a huge fan of the keyboard. I decided she needed her own. It's been a hit.

This month she's developed a distinct interest in food and beverage. She watches intently while I eat or drink. Just lately she's started reaching out with lightning speed to pull the edges of glasses and bowls up to her mouth. Once she's got them in place she's not quite sure what to do with them. We've been giving her sips of water and I'm not sure she actually swallows any, but she has learned quickly to like the practice. I can't drink water now without sharing, the moment she sees the glass she either grabs it herself or else opens her mouth hopefully if it isn't quite in reach. Yesterday we tried giving her some solid foods. It was pretty much a bomb. First we tried smashed up bananas. She almost threw up. She actually dry heaved. Here's the video for you. My blog isn't wide enough, so if you want to see my oh so clever captions you have to watch it on youtube:

She hated applesauce too. Looks like she's gearing up to be a picky eater like mama.

She loves the pets more than anything else. The minute one of them comes close she squeals with delight. If they're close enough she reaches out to feel their fur. The dogs are the only consistent thing to make her giggle so far. She's always laughing when she sees them.

Here she is chillin' with daddy.

She loves being outside and being in new places. Going to the grocery store is always happy times for her.

Her sleeping is the same, 9-11 hours per night. Although we had some 6 hour nights here and there for awhile until I figured out that I wasn't getting enough fat in my diet to keep her full overnight. Once I added in some oil (canola or olive of course) she went back to sleeping longer again. Napping is still erratic.

She flips over onto her tummy all the time, but she gets stuck and either falls asleep or gets upset that she's stuck.

Here she is snoozing away on the boppy pillow after a meal.

She's got quite a grip these days. She's always gripping my neck or arm skin and holding on tightly. It's kind of painful, but funny too.

She loves when I disappear and pop up saying "Peekaboo!" in a very high pitched voice.

She sits unassisted for brief periods of time. Quite awhile if she's on the bed where she sinks in a bit for support.

I've been getting out on lots of walks with her in bob, and looking forward to getting out on hikes soon too as the snow melts and as soon as I get the baby back pack my parents have. I'm also working on getting up earlier so that I can go jogging early before she wakes up when it gets hot. I can't express how thrilled I am that summer is here. Ahhh. My favorite season.

Jun 6, 2010

New Blog Design

I just spent much longer than it should have taken making a new template. You'll notice the bottom is all screwed up. The green lines don't line up. I tried moving the bottom 1 pixel each way, it's off either direction. I'm not sure if it's even possible to move by the half pixel, so this is going to have to do. Also the side lines continue on past where they're supposed to. Don't know how to fix it. Oh well. But, on to more important things, like tigers. Notice the tigers? I'm pretty excited about them. A tiger for each family member.

Jun 5, 2010


Okay, so I would like to officially complain about snow cones. Why did the person creating the syrup add soy oil?? In a snow cone?? It doesn't make any sense. It's like the 40th ingredient. It's useless. And it forbids me from having one all summer. Oh, woe is me! These days are gone. At least unless I can find a type that doesn't include soy oil. It's crazy how sensitive Zoey is to it. One time accidentally using a cooking spray with soy oil in it and she bled for almost a week. Don't snow cone syrup chefs know about soy intolerance? Really people. Get it together.

Jun 4, 2010


Zoey is learning quickly how to sit unassisted. I thought it would take her longer than this, because she couldn't do it at all even a week ago. Then she learned how to do it on the bed, where the squish of the mattress helped stabilize her. The first time she did it I had her reclined back on a pillow and she sat up trying to get a better view of what I was up to. When she realized she was sitting she giggled several times and looked extremely pleased with herself. She likes to bounce up and down while sitting on the bed too, that is a good time.

Sitting on the bed helped her realize that she could do it, and now she can sit other places for short periods of time too.

But, there's still room for improvement.

Jun 3, 2010

The Zoo and My Zoo

We took Zoey to the zoo on Sunday. Turns out she is too young. She was more interested in watching the people. The animals were too far away, and when she did notice them she was like, "So what? I see those things all the time at home, except at home they kiss me and I can pet them." Ah well, I jumped the gun a little. The main reason I wanted to take her was to pet animals in the petting zoo, but they removed it! My dad thinks it's because too many kids were contracting e coli from the animals. Good to know so that if I ever find a place where she can actually pet animals I know to wash her hands really well right after.

She has been showing a lot of interest at the pets at home so I thought it was worth a try. I need to get a video of her with Zeus. She loves him especially because he lays next to her whereas the dogs avoid her. As soon as he comes close her eyes light up and she quickly reaches her hand out to grab his fur. Requires constant monitoring, because I don't expect Zeus to take kindly to grabbing. I always put my hand between hers and his face. So far though he hasn't tried to bite me. She has a great time with his fur, it feels very cool to her.

Sadie so far is the biggest problem. We're going to have to find another home for her. Ever since she grew out of puppyhood I knew she wasn't going to be a good kid dog. She has no patience and she's too dominant. She does let me do anything I want to her and is extremely tolerant, I had hoped that would be how it was with my kids. However, she is viewing Zoey as more similar to a cat than to me. Sadie always takes it upon herself to keep the cats in line. They get on the coffee table, she's there herding them off. Same with scratching anything as well as numerous other things that she deems not allowed. Zoey was on her back on the floor near Sadie, and when Zoey thumped her feet down loudly Sadie lunged over at her the same way she lunges at the cats to keep them in line. She didn't make contact, but it made me realize that Sadie is just never going to be a reliable kid dog. For now I can leave her out if Zoey is on the floor, but I won't be able to do that forever. Before I know it Zoey will be able to sneak outside and I can't have Sadie being out there on my mind. If anyone knows of a good home for her let me know. Hopefully I can find her a home with a young person who's active. She's such a great dog for someone without kids.

Jun 1, 2010

Working Again

I got the opportunity to work from home for a few days this week. It's only for a few hours, but it's nice to make a little money. It's for the same company I worked for before, and have worked for since 2004. It's good for me to stay connected with them, since I've always liked working there. It's possible that this will turn into me working from home for a few hours per day the first week of every month. I'm hoping!

And now I'm going to take the opportunity to mow the lawn while it's cloudy and cool outside. I can test out my new spray on neutragena suncreen. I hate paying more, but the other clear sunscreen sprays I've tried stink. I get a headache every time I wear them. This one smelled fine when I tested it in the store so I figured that's worth the money.
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