Saturday - Jogging and a Movie

Today Tim came running with us. We've been trying out the Jordan River Parkway Path lately. For some reason we've never tried it before last weekend. The section we ran on last weekend was pretty terrible. First we had to cross a flooded section of the path, and while crossing the dogs got loose and jumped in the river. The river was disgusting looking there and the dogs smelled bad afterward. Next, I opened my mouth as Howard shook off and some sewage water went in my mouth. Possibly literally, as we passed a sewage plant shortly after that. Long story short, we won't be jogging that section of the path again.

Today, we started at 7200 south and ran north. This section of the path is downright pleasant. It's right next to the river, which doesn't smell bad. There are trees overhanging the path. The path is not obstructed or rerouted anywhere. Quite dreamy. We ran 5.2 miles.

Next, we went to see Sex and the City 2. I know, I know, terrible. I enjoyed the episodes though, and thought the first movie was good. The second movie was pretty bad. Not to say I didn't enjoy it. It was fairly entertaining. But, I was also cringing a lot at some of the scenes. Sex and the City is all about the drama, and this movie didn't have much. Nothing much was happening with any of the characters. You know the drama is running know when the peak of it revolves around a kiss. Somehow I wasn't bored, but in hindsight the movie really did suck.

When we got to the theater to see the 3:55 showing, the ticket guy told us no, the movie didn't start until 4:55. Tim pulled out his phone, and while another lady was being told the same thing as us he showed the guy how fandango listed the movie as 3:55. Turned out the guy had a printout which was wrong, and his computer system said 3:55. We were a few minutes late. Everyone before us had been turned away. Thus, the theater contained only us and the lady behind us in line. It was pretty cool. I felt all special like I owned the theater. I'm not sure how that worked out for all of the people who showed up at 4:55 to see the showing that didn't exist though.

Tomorrow: The Zoo!


  1. When I was little my Grandma took us to see a movie & we were the only ones in the theatre. She told us that she'd rented it out just for us, and for YEARS, and I mean years, I totally believed her! Imagine my heartbreak when I discovered the truth. I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it. Sucks for all those people that showed up an hour later! I hope they got a free movie out of it!

  2. Didn't a couple get murdered recently on the Jordan River Parkway? Better put that section, as well as the sewage section, on the list of never to go.
    The movie sounds bad, but at least you were by yourselves, thanks to Tim's technology. Weird that the ticket guy had the wrong info.
    Did Zoey attend? I hope she had her eyes and ears closed to avoid having her innocence tainted.

  3. I'm thinking that if getting up super early to meet up at the jordan river doesn't work out, maybe we could meet up in big or little cottonwood canyons during the summer. It wouldn't kill the dogs to miss out on one outing a week and both those canyons are pretty much in the middle of us. I think. Plus, people aren't regularly murdered and/or have their bodies stashed there. Or if they are, the murderers at least have the class to hide them better.

  4. Nikki, yeah, I was hoping they'd at least get a free movie. Still sucks for them with all the extra driving.

    Mama, yes, Zoey attended. I shielded her eyes appropriately. She was really interested in the theater at first, then she got fussy and fell asleep for the whole rest of the movie. Worked out pretty well.

    Laura, this is true. We are classy ladies. We deserve to hike somewhere where bodies aren't disposed of regularly. It'll give us a reason to explore those canyons where we wouldn't regularly go since we can't bring the dogs.


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