Post Pregnancy Body

I realized I haven't posted about this topic in a couple of months. Last I posted I think my morning weight was 110. Now I'm back to my pre pregnancy weight, which is a morning weight of 105. I packed on about 5 pounds during the year I was trying to get pregnant though, foolishly thinking that maybe I was too skinny when really it was that evil birth control pill that was causing my ttc woes (see here). Which means I've got another 5 to lose should I want to be at my preferred weight. It's a little tougher to crack down now that I feel presentable. I am determined to do it though, and am jogging often now that summer is here and doing the elliptical on non jogging days. Between that yard work, and hiking season being right around the corner I'm thinking I can meet my goal within a few months. However I have also discovered a delicious vegan chocolate cake recipe that might slow things down.

I may be back to my pre pregnancy weight, but my body will never look quite the same. The skin on my stomach really just gave up during the last month of pregnancy and is now in a very sad state. It's been riddled with stretch marks. Their color is fading, but the skin elasticity is just not there anymore. It's actually kind of funny. I have the stomach of a 90 year old woman. It's all saggy and wrinkled and some areas have given up more than others so there are all kinds of weird bulges. It looks worst when I'm sitting. Standing up it verges on decent. Fortunately I found an adorable monokini, see how cute it is? Most fortunate of all I've got a Tim. I'm sure there are husbands out there who would make a woman feel like her 90 year old woman's stomach is unsexy, Tim isn't one of them. I like how I can mock it and laugh about how it looks terrible without actually feeling bad about myself.

Lets discuss another vastly different feature of my body, my boobs. They're like 2-3 cup sizes bigger than they used to be. And the skin there didn't stretch any more gracefully than on my stomach. I'm terrified to see what happens after I finish nursing! I just don't see how the milk producing structures could cause a 3 cup size increase?? It's very strange. I'm crossing my fingers that enough will stick around to prevent the image in my head from coming to pass. Stretch marked flaps of skin anyone?


  1. Great job with the weight loss! Your determination has paid off. I can't believe how tiny you are...105 lbs! And I really like the monokini.

  2. The monokini is very cute. And you've done a great job losing all the baby weight.
    You can probably hog up on the vegan chocolate cake once a week or so as long as you keep exercising...

  3. I think I'm gonna have to copy you and get a monokini myself. I've always thought they were really cute but was never bold enough to get one for some reason. Oh and if you're feeling flustered about having too much of that cake to eat, I would like to formally submit my offer to help out with it's consumption. You've done a great job getting your body back and you really should be damned proud. Especially with the fact that you've been able to keep up running on a regular basis. I can't even imagine being that motivated. Oh and at least you don't have lopsided and cock-eyed boobs to add to your list. Man, I sure hope that's not permanent...

  4. I remember why I was never bold enough. It sure is hard to find classy monokinis. For instance:

  5. Monica, well, 105 really isn't that tiny considering I'm only 5'. Thank you though!

    Mama, once a week? Huh. I guess that would be better than daily. Maybe I'd even get below the 105 mark that way. Interesting idea.

    Lol, Laura speaking of classy, that monokini is awesome! Reminds of of the 30's with its traditional cut. Hm, yeah, target has a lot online. Can't try 'em on, but you can return them if they don't fit.

  6. WTG Tess! I haven't weighed myself in a few weeks, so I'm not sure if I'm still at my pre-pregnancy weight or not. I was all up in crazy, emotional world when I was last weighed and had dropped like 3 lbs. in a week. :/

    Anyway, way to stay motivated! As far as stretch-marked boobs go, I've got 'em. The good news is that they're fading and getting less & less noticeable with time (either that, or they're NOT fading and I'm just getting more & more used to them. We'll go with the first one though.) Also, I can hardly see the marks at all when I'm wearing a bra, so I think I'm just going to always wear a bra...even in "intimate" situations, assuming I ever have anymore ever again.

    But I digress! You're totally right. You've got a kick-butt husband who loves you and knows that you're a sexy, sexy lady no matter what! :)


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