Mother's Day and Allergy Update

For Mother's Day I got a lovely toasty day, what my parents would call a goldilocks day. It was incredible. We ate out on the deck, then we went jogging up City Creek Canyon. I love City Creek Canyon in the spring and fall. It's not very high so it it's about the same temperature as it is in the valley, unlike most of the other canyons which are a good 10 degrees cooler. In a little over half an hour we were able to jog almost 3 miles, all the way to the watershed sign. 10 and a half minute miles are pretty good when you're jogging uphill. Tim actually tried to quit on me a couple of times, but when I told him I'd see him on the way down his manly side took over and he had to keep up. He ended up beating me by 5 seconds. Zoey got hungry halfway down and we found a secluded bunch of picnic tables off the main road enough that I could whip out my boob without people seeing. Breastfeeding is so convenient. The site was right next to a river and had a bbq grill. We plan to go back to grill soon. On the drive home we were starving, but my diet doesn't allow for anything I could think of on a drive through menu. Even plain chicken is usually grilled in something containing soy oil.

I also got to not see any blood in Munchies poop for Mother's Day. Saturday I saw blood after almost two days without and was feeling very disheartened. I went and got some Nutramigen formula yesterday. The proteins in it are broken down and most babies with almost any type of allergies do well on it. She hated it at first. I had to mix it with breast milk. Now she will take it fine. I decided since there is a teeny tiny chance her problem could be too much fore milk (fore milk is less fatty with more lactose and dumps out of the stomach faster than higher fat hind milk, this can cause blood in the poop. Probably unlikely because the solution is feeding one side per feeding instead of both, so the baby doesn't get two doses of fore milk which I already do) I would pump and dump the first ounce or two of my milk each feeding, then let her drain that side. Then, I feed her a little more formula than the amount of breast milk I dumped. I figure that might help her gain a little weight. So, for now, she's on roughly half breast milk half formula. Although if this no blood streak keeps up it will have started before the formula so I can just take her off of it which would be awesome. If anything I'll get more breast milk supply out of this deal since I'm dumping the first bit. Oh, I also quit eating wheat as of Saturday. Wheat is another possible allergen. I think it's still more likely to be cow's milk that's the problem though because I had Tim call his mom and ask her if he or his siblings had any allergies as babies. Guess what? He was allergic to cow's milk. She never noticed blood in his poop, but he was colicky when he had it. Interesting.


  1. You are quite the scientist and I'm super-impressed! I hope you still get to breastfeed Zoey, but if it ends up that she needs to be on formula, it's not the worst thing. It's faster than nursing and Zoey will probably pack on the pounds. Anyway, looking forward to finding out the results!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! That jog up the canyon sounds like it was so much fun. And good luck with figuring out all the allergy're such a good mommy.

  3. Ha, I'm glad Tim proved his manhood by keeping up!
    I love those Goldilocks days.
    Hope things continue to go well as you experiment with yours and Zoey's diets.


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