Ish. Better-ish.

I felt I needed to emphasize the ish in this post, since hours after the last post there was more blood in her poop. Adding back in soy oil was a failure. Turns out even the smallest amounts cause problems. Finally the blood seems to be going away from the soy oil. Many MSPI babies can tolerate soy oil, because it's usually the soy protein that causes the problem. Obviously not this MSPI baby though.

Yesterday I made some crappy pancakes. Crappy because pancakes with no butter, milk, or eggs are not surprisingly sadly lacking. After eating the cardboard excuses to use syrup I realized I used cooking spray on the griddle. And what was the main ingredient? Soy oil. Dammit! Didn't even occur to me to check the cooking spray. Kinda like the time I cooked up a huge crock pot full of succulent pulled pork only to realize moments before I was going to enjoy it that I had forgotten to check the ingredients on the seasoning packet. I checked the bbq sauce and everything else. But, what did the seasoning contain? Soy oil. That soy oil has infiltrated almost everything sold at the grocery store. Whatever happened to using olive oil or canola? I assume it must cost more. Those cheap bastards.

Now that I know this is definitely diet related and I'm starting to even pinpoint specifics I'm relieved. I was worried it was something worse before. I'm happy I can control this. It's actually interesting to see how much I really can control what I eat. I've never had the motivation to control my diet this much before.


  1. It's amazing how much crap is in our food. I'm sure soy oil adds very little nutrient content, if any.
    I started looking at sodium content recently and found that our food contains a ridiculous amount. Really, no wonder Americans are not healthy.

  2. This is why is better to make our foods from scratch. Idea for the next time you make pork. Throw an onion cut up in 4 wedges, about 4 or 5 tomatoes in the crock pot with some Mrs Dash sprinkles, and cook it away (This works with beef too). "May the force be with you"

  3. Wow, your investigative skills are still impressing me. Not only that, but your personal willpower at controlling what you eat is pretty impressive as well! Keep up the good work! :)

  4. did you ever figure out just what canola means? I'm pretty curious about what a canola actually is...and I'm with alexis. It's pretty amazing that you've been able to pull off this diet as well as you have.

  5. Yes, cooking from scratch is a good way to go. I even found out I can make any cake or cookie recipe I want as long as I use such things as almond milk and applesauce.

    Well, trust me, you guys would be motivated too if a slip up meant your baby had blood in her poop. Thanks though!

    Canola is oil from rape seed. Whatever rape seeds are.


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